The U-BOAT Classico GMT

The U-BOAT Classico GMT

0 2005

Italo Fontana, creator of U-BOAT understands perfectly the meaning of innovation. Always passionate about advanced and unusual techniques and materials, Italo decided to apply, under the thick and scratch-proof sapphire glass of the new Classico GMT, a thin layer of Anatolite, the most effective existing colour-change gem Download daiso membership.

U Boat

Unique and rare, this 30ct special stone acquires different colours when viewed under different lights Dream of Sunset. The ability to change a variety of colors under different light sources allows the dial of the watch to change from amber yellow to green and vice versa Ninja Gaiden Black Download.

The wearer will be amazed to see the extreme colour change of the watch passing from warm to cold lights, and the other way around.

The 45mm diameter stainless steel case with satin finish, representing Italo’s idea of the pure, timeless design, features hours, minutes, small seconds, date and GMT functions through the U-2893 personalized movement Sell Girl.

Furthermore, the bezel ring is in polished tungsten, the strongest of natural metals and often used in electrical and military applications, where even a small amount can significantly increase the strength of an alloy and making it unbreakable 케이랩 다운로드.

Nestled between U-BOAT’s iconic left-hand crown and its crown guard, is an innovative and patented pusher that can be depressed to eject the inner crown from its recessed position enabling ease of adjustment for both the date and time map of Seoul.


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