U-BOAT Classico Tungsten

U-BOAT Classico Tungsten

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Constantly passionate about the Classico model, one of his first iconic designs, Italo Fontana, founder and designer of U-Boat, has decided to rejuvenate the case material, adding a bezel in Tungsten, more specifically tungsten carbide, the strongest natural metal to the 45 mm satin and hand finish 316L AISI stainless steel of the case Yuogi. Commonly used in electrical and military applications, a small amount of tungsten can significantly increase the strength of an alloy, making the watch always polished and “unscratchable” 나노리스트 다운로드.


In this new model, Italo has focused his creativity on the change of stylistic details on the black dial Mössin Hunter. Along with luminescent beige hands and markers of few hours (4,8,12), the watch boasts on the dial a long vertical window showing the date of today as well as yesterday and tomorrow and still on the dial an additional counter showing the anti and post meridian Download the archbook.

The see-through case back is protected by transparent sapphire crystal skillfully cut with U shape of U-Boat allowing one to admire the movement 유플레이 스팀 다운로드.

The innovative and patented crown release system is at 8 o’clock to enable easy time and date setting 기절놀이 다운로드.


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