U-BOAT Chimera 46

U-BOAT Chimera 46

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The new 46 Chimera is crafted in titanium and carbon, two of the toughest materials in the world and extremely lightweight. The distinctive and iconic case of the Chimera, for this model in titanium grade 5, features a bezel in forged carbon fibre placed in the case mould in a way that makes each watches unique and, from an aesthetic point of view, a marbled effect, satiny and soft to the touch 태국어 다운로드.


Each watch is unique because the carbon fibres are distributed in a random manner in the mould 3ds max 2015. When the material is compressed under heating, it evolves in an unpredictable way. The dial consists of three superimposed discs with the last layer made of a laser cut fine wire mesh in stainless steel which allows the movement to be half-seen Firefox YouTube mp3. Under the curved sapphire glass on the face a U-77 top Soigné with black screws, rhodium plated, automatic mechanical chronograph personalised to U-BOAT specifications Original Sims 3.

Furthermore nestled between the instantly recognisable left hand crown and its crown guard, a patented sculpted pusher can be depressed to eject the inner-crown from its recessed position and enabling ease of adjustment for both the date and time Download Catholic Score. The watch also boasts an additional fourth counter showing the 24 hours of the day and marked by a little red hand. Chimera 46 is limited to 888 pieces Street Fighter 4 apk.


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