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Link Lady’s beautiful curves, subtle harmony and natural grace make it an outstanding piece

Set outside time and gravity, its automatic movement floats in space, its oscillating mass executes a skillfully choreographed ballet and its diamonds resemble shooting stars flickering in the rich stellar skies of the galaxy. An elegant artistry in a watch—that’s Tag Heuer Link Lady.

The dial and the case back seem to dissolve, allowing the designer to revel in creating this celestial dance.It’s made possible because the watch, fitted with an oscillating weight is larger than the movement it graces 신서유기3 4화 다운로드.

Tag Heuer’s new range is dedicated to beautiful and rebellious women. It instinctively feels at home on the wrist to which Hollywood star Cameron Diaz exclaims, “The Link Lady is more than a timepiece, it’s a piece of jewellery rpgxp. When I put it on my wrist, I don’t feel it. It is easy-to-wear, sparkling, and feminine.”

The TAG Heuer R&D team worked wonders to keep the watch functional without compromising the star design. It makes a 360° turn between two sapphire crystals, which allows the eye to catch and hold each moment of eternity. A complex construction keeps the movement centred in the case and gives it a floating appearance 모노쿠로 퀘스트 다운로드.

The cases are river stone shaped; delicate, refined and rounded, with central lugs architecture. They come in two sizes, 29mm and 34.5mm. The date is at 6 o’ clock, the edges of the dial feature a light concentric guilloche with a quartz movement inside.

The instantly recognisable Link bracelet with its S-shaped links has been redesigned. Principles of elegance, comfort and poetry were combined to produce pure pleasure Uninstalled in Hangul.

The cut of each sapphire layer within the construction is highly accurate that ensures a perfect fit. The whole structure is completely transparent, a result obtained only through a delicate, dust-free assembly process.

 Clad entirely in 18-carat 5N rose gold and with 192 diamonds totalling 1.35 carat, the timepiece looks stunning in its finery 성지키기 온라인 다운로드. A mechanical and aesthetic marvel, it undoubtedly emerges as the star attraction. Proudly, this top model shows a way for the prêt-à-porter models that follow behind.

Made of rose gold and available only in a 29mm case, this timepiece proudly displays a purple dial set with 11 diamonds. The Roman numerals engraved on the bezel play to a timeless elegance second fight. It is perfect for brightening a dark suit and an ideal companion for any businesswoman’s hectic life. The two-coloured stainless steel and yellow gold offers a more discreet yet exquisite version with the hours marked either in diamonds or Roman numerals.

For women who prefer stainless steel without sacrificing any of the luxury and opulence, 47 diamonds totalling 0.52 carats move centre stage. Sitting on the bezel, they converse fluently with the 11 diamonds set in the dial Download chrome movies. Exalted by their brilliance, the timepiece defers to the jewel. For the wearer, this model does far more than telling time, it brings a glow of delight.

Lastly, some women go to the heart of the matter: powder rose, iridescent white mother-of-pearl dial with 11 diamonds to mark the hours set off by the polished stainless steel of the bracelet and case for their full effect The cross don't #39;t cry download. Even in its simplest version – the hours marked by Roman numerals on a white guilloche background – the Link Lady is effortlessly stylish, in both the 29mm and 34.5mm sizes. After all, a beautiful figure looks good in everything, straightcut or flared, flatties or heels. In the end, beautiful curves, subtle harmony and natural grace are the only things that matter 유니티 구버전 다운로드.

TAG Heuer’s Link Lady Collection welcomes a new model in a delicate pebble- shaped case with a slender 29mm diameter. For women who prefer steel but aren’t prepared to sacrifice luxury and opulence, 47 diamonds, each measuring 1.4 mm for a total 0.52 carat, take the stage. Neatly aligned around the bezel, they mirror the 11 diamonds that circle the dial, which is delicately enhanced with guilloché in concentric waves. The sparkle of precious stones raises this timepiece to the rank of jewel 외부링크 다운로드.

The Link Lady comes in varying colours and designs including those for seduction, simplicity, sophistication and style, all with the elegant and timeless Link bracelet. The signature S-shaped link was first created in 1987 and since viewed as a status symbol and sign of quality craftsmanship. TAG has envisioned this admired shape in the Link Lady collection to represent that of the female form in all its beauty, strength and sensuality.

BaselWorld also got a glimpse of TAG Heuer’s Haute Couture version of the Link Lady, the Diamond Star. The inspiration behind the design of this luxury timepiece was based on the idea that just like a Hollywood actress attracts the light and attention of a cinematic camera with every subtle movement, so will the Link Lady Diamond Star. The Link Lady collection’s Diamond Star, with its Haute Couture influence is set outside of time and gravity, like on a divine catwalk show.