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It’s not just a play of green energy, but also the dazzling designs, that put the new Eco-Drive twins in a category of its own

 Carrying forward its campaign for environmental awareness, the watch brand presents two new concept models, Eco-Drive Luna and Eco- Drive Nova 무명창 다운로드. These ladies watches embody the fusion of technology and beauty, putting Eco-Drive in a class of its own.

Eco-Drive is a proprietary Citizen technology that powers watches by transforming different sources of light into energy 영화 숙명 다운로드. Ever since the launch of the world’s first light-powered analog quartz watch in 1976, the visionary concept behind Eco-Drive has steadily gained popularity 삼국지 11pk 리마스터 다운로드.

The watchmaker came up with first Eco-Drive in 1995 and has been acclaimed for taking solar technology and eco-consciousness to a new dimension with new design possibilities movie Ha.

Eco-Drive Nova

The ‘light-breathing’ twins: Eco- Drive Luna and Eco-Drive Nova – each in black or white, presented at the just-concluded BaselWorld, take in light as well as emit light in ways that make the wearer sparkle 네이버 앱에서 파일 다운로드.

The Eco-Drive Luna/Black features blinking diamond seconds, black ceramic bezel and sapphire glass. The Eco-Drive Luna/White with blinking diamond seconds, white ceramic bezel has sapphire glass weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-joo 1.

The beauty of Eco-Drive Luna lies in its understated luxury. Set into the dial of each model are 60 diamonds, each one of which creates a stunning pin point of light with each passing second your smartphone cartrider. This feminine design represents a barely kept secret of luxury, incorporating numerous advanced Citizen technologies.

The Eco-Drive Nova is a symphony of light Download the address. It has new materials that forge a harmony of expression between light and time. Light rises from within the watch in a dazzling display of time creating an eyecatching vibrancy with a subtle afterglow Phoenix download.

The Eco-Drive Nova/White and Eco-Drive Nova/Black have innovative features like the sparkling light display and sapphire glass. All Eco-Drives are completely light-driven latest version of Minecraft pc. The concept models released since 2009 and the Eco-Drive Satellite Wave launched in 2011, are the result of the watchmaker’s commitment to Eco-Drive and its pursuit of innovation.

In recent years, the brand has showcased a series of defining products based on its policy of ‘The Fusion of Technology and Beauty’ incorporating.

The Eco-Drive technology powers watches wherever there is light and is set apart by distinctive design. The watchmaker in its dedicated pursuit of cuttingedge technologies brings Japanese creativity and quality to its movements. These models are a vision of timekeeping of the future, and show how EcoDrive’s evolution has taken this technology to the forefront in ladies watches.