‘FAVRE-LEUBA Connected Watch Coming Soon’

‘FAVRE-LEUBA Connected Watch Coming Soon’

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Philippe Roten, the new CEO of Favre-Leuba in an email chat with Hiren Kumar Bose reveals his plans for the brand which includes setting up more POS, new ambassadors and a smartwatch

 For us Indians, Favre-Leuba has had the emotional connect of the 1950s and 60s when the brand was a familiar name among watch lovers in the country. What plans do you have for the Indian market?
Favre-Leuba was the first Swiss watch brand to come to India. It enjoyed immense popularity in the 50s and 60s 맥북 글꼴 다운로드. We are hopeful of reviving that popularity. A few years ago, the Titan Group took over the brand and since then India has become a key market for us again. We plan to grow it into our most important one in the coming years. As on date, we have over 20 reputed retail points of sales such as Ethos and Helios, and we want to significantly increase the number of POS this year Download Cooking HumanIty Kitchen. We are also in conversations to increase the brand’s visibility and footprint in not only new stores but also the existing ones. This is also our approach in all countries, be it Japan, Switzerland or other countries we retail in.

Philippe Roten, CEO of Favre-Leuba
Philippe Roten, CEO of Favre-Leuba

Favre-Leuba relies heavily on its heritage as a selling point which provides it with a unique advantage over fellow contemporary brands that have to build up their own heritage.  Do you plan to continue the same strategy or will there be a rethink on the same considering the expectations of the market Windows 10 Activation?
When it comes to our heritage and history, we as a brand have always respected our past and our roots, and we will continue to do so. Going forward, it is about how we connect our past with our future. According to me, the future of a brand should always be tied back to its heritage and traditions. When we think about how the brand should grow and what direction it should go in, all the feedback can be found in the history of the brand map of Guam. We want to continue communicating about our past, but also ensure we are getting closer to the public. At the moment we are quite a niche brand. Our collection is mostly for extreme sports, like mountaineering and diving. We want to get more open and diverse. However, where we come from as a brand will always be respected and important to us.

It has just been four years since the brand launched its new series, based more on the classic themes explored previously, technologically advanced watches Daemon. Do we expect modern and contemporary iterations or just time-only watches in the coming years?
We are the second oldest watch brand, having recently celebrated our 283rd anniversary. But at the end of the day, it is just a number. We won’t sell more watches because of that number. As I said before, we will respect where we come from, but also focus on reaching out to the new generation of watch buyers hub 다운로드. Similarly, when it comes to design, we respect our design DNA but are incorporating contemporary designs to get closer to the younger audience. In India especially, you can see that people over 45 years of age are very close to the brand because they know about Favre-Leuba from their fathers and grandfathers. But this is not the case with the young generations. To get closer to them we need to adapt our designs, but without sacrificing our roots. I believe our team has done a great job of bringing this philosophy to life by contextualising the brand’s heritage and DNA to the present and supporting it with a brand claim which has been proved time and again — Conquering Frontiers Windows 10 Bootcamp Driver.

Considering the huge interest in smartwatches several Swiss brands have introduced them. Is there such a keenness in Favre-Leuba to make connected watches?
Today, Apple is the biggest watch producer in the world, mostly due to young consumers. On the one hand, this is very positive because it has led to a trend of wearing watches again Download BossBaby. For many years, people used to just look at their phones to know the time and the use of watches was slowly fading. Now, young people have started wearing watches again which is a promising sign for us. We at Favre-Leuba are also looking at launching our own connected watches in the next twelve to eighteen months. This is an ongoing discussion we are having with the Titan Group and are hopeful of coming to a decision in the coming months Windows 10 iso file download.

The first few markets, where Favre-Leuba has found success (other than Switzerland), is Japan, India, and the UAE. Any plans to explore new markets?
Currently, we want to focus on strengthening our foothold in existing markets, like India. And then step-by-step we will expand to newer markets Painter 10 download. In the next year or so we will look towards a more global approach and increase focus on e-commerce to achieve our target of becoming a truly global brand.

 Favre–Leuba has appointed C S Santosh as its brand ambassador. Do you see more such ambassadors in the coming years?
Santosh is very popular in his field – amongst the bikers’ community and adventurous. At present, our products are very niche. If you aren’t a mountaineer or you are not interested in hiking or climbing, you probably won’t know of most of our brand ambassadors. However, we want to appeal to a wider audience. To do so, we will not only adapt our design and marketing but also our choice of brand ambassadors. We will have a look at involving more popular personalities, be it actors or athletes. Moreover, we view people as brand ambassadors. We think a great product in a new field or even a clock can be our brand ambassadors. So, we will have a closer look at diversifying our brand ambassadors.



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