Newbie Lagado Launched Online, Hopes To Woo The Millennial

Newbie Lagado Launched Online, Hopes To Woo The Millennial

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Milvin George, CEO, Lagado Watches in an email chat with Hiren Kumar Bose explains the rationale behind launching an online brand and hopes to catch the millennial

Milvin George,CEO, Lagado Watches
Milvin George, CEO, Lagado Watches

It’s really brave of you to launch a brand in times of social distancing Latest 2019 November download. What gives you this courage?
These times were un-predicted but having Lagado launch digitally first was a good move, especially considering that online consumerism is at an all-time high now. I had this in mind some10 years ago but the urge to jump boats and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit peaked by the end of 2018 and I started to work on creating a watch brand at the beginning of 2019.  We worked with international consultants having conducted research on millennials to understand their lifestyle behaviour in key regions such as Europe, Asia and the USA 생존경제 다운로드. The research provided us with valuable information that went into every aspect of our watch design, brand communication and what would suit Lagado in terms of distribution strategy good word. We collaborated with the best manufacturers, suppliers, photographers, agencies and influencers.   A year later we launched Lagado first digitally Download 31 txt. It was important given the DNA of our brand that we go online first since it’s the global platform that connects the world.

Lagado Evolve 44mm
Lagado Evolve 44mm

How do you define a ‘Lagado’ 커세어 드라이버 다운로드? What’s so unique about it that people should desire to put it on their wrist?Our watches are carefully curated to have modern aesthetics and are versatile that compliments any occasion our consumers may be in 내선 규정 다운로드. A Lagado timepiece is equipped with the finest materials – giving emphasis on the sapphire crystal glass which is scratch-resistant and shatter-proof, and each timepiece is water-resistant of up to 5 ATM. Our watches are accessorized with interchangeable straps of either genuine Italian Leather or Milanese Mesh strap, so each timepiece can be dressed uniquely.  Having all those, consumers will have an ease of mind that their Lagado watch can keep up with their everyday activities 성경찬송 무료 다운로드.

Do tell us about the collection launched?
We have launched the brand with 2 product lines, comprising of 27 models for male and female consumers Download The 2nd Season 1 of The Giant of Progress. Evolve 44mm is an elegant sports line with a striking, minimalist design and a distinctive identity. It features a uniquely bevelled, sapphire crystal; the ultimate scratch-resistant and shatter-proof protection for your watch, and is available in a wide range of cases made of different materials, equipped with chronograph movements autocad 2016 한글판 다운로드.

The second collection, Tempo, both in 41.50mm and 33mm is a contemporary line that reflects Lagado’s distinct identity with a domed sapphire crystal; the ultimate scratch-resistant and shatter-proof protection for your watch subtitles for Taxi 5. The Tempo collection offers a diverse choice of unique timepieces with a wide range of cases made of different materials, equipped with quartz analogue movements.

Lagado Tempo 41mm
Lagado Tempo 41mm

You’ve been associated with  Tag Heuer, Omega and Panerai, all premium brands, however,   Lagado addresses the low segment of the market. Is it a decision you’ve arrived having worked with high–end brands which have low volume demand?
After 20 years of rich experience working with the finest brands of watch and jewellery groups, I saw the need and opportunity to conceptualize a qualitative lifestyle watch brand that goes beyond design,  one that encapsulates various movements and functions that can be sourced globally to suit the multi-hyphenated lifestyle of our customers. We cannot define luxury by price moving forward, especially with the current pandemic, it would be revolving around quality. We at Lagado are breaking the mould and redefining what’s perceived value for the quality. In fact, our mission is to avail to watch lovers stylish and quality watches inspired by Italian design code at reasonable prices.

How do you plan to reach your customer in the coming months?
Through our trusted media partners such as yourselves, bloggers and influencers. You play a key role in educating our readers about the latest trends in the watches industry. We have several digital media campaigns running as we speak on different channels. Our customers are able to experience the brand online by visiting our website ( and following us on Instagram and Facebook. We plan to create an offline presence with key retail partners in India beginning in 2021.

What has been the initial response to Lagado?
It has been very positive and exceeding our expectations. We are very excited about how the brand is evolving.

All watches in the collection either have leather or steel mesh as its wrist band. Any plans for silicon or rubber?
Our watch development department is working on a 3- 5-year plan, managing various projects, in order to enrich our offering and present our customers’ timepieces with new features and functions, as well as new materials either for the watch case or for the strap. We do have rubber straps in the pipeline and will be available in 2021.


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