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Shobha enjoys doing designs which have a mixture of many different cultures and eras – By Surekha Kadapa – Bose

Shobha Asar

“The smile lighting up a bride’s face is of greatest satisfaction to me,” she says.Like her designs she is elegance personified 왔다 장보리 다운로드. What seems like the age old traditional design takes on an image of sophisticated contemporary creation when Shobha Asar designs jewellery. And young brides make a beeline for her jewellery 아이템매니아 다운로드.

Nearly three decades in designing jewellery, Shobha Asar loves to play with diamonds. In fact, diamonds, be they coloured or white, are her specialty Lightroom 6. Another specialty is the complete finish given to a product. “I don’t leave any stone unturned in the aspects of design, manufacture, fit and finish,” she states 솔라리스 os 다운로드.

She admits that diamonds haven’t become cheaper, but, “Due to globalization and extensive travel, Indian women are exposed to styles and trends world wide and want to keep up with the current trends Hyehwa-dong Download. Hence an increased demand for jewellery, and that too diamonds, has been noticed in recent times,” says this maker of ethereal jewellery line.

With boutiques spread over Worli and Khar in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad, Shobha prefers making both contemporary and traditional jewellery iPhone Melon Music. “I cannot favour one over the other as jewellery has to complement a person’s style. So, I create designs in all these styles knowing well that it will appeal to a certain section of the audience 영화 82년생 김지영 다운로드. The main concept and idea should be creative and of course, the finish of the piece is most important.”

Dwelling on her recent collection she says, “Creativity and innovation to a certain extent have to come from within but yes, it’s easier to create and be inspired when you are surrounded with beautiful things 지니톡 다운로드. My latest ‘Woven Treasures’ collection was inspired by a visit to winery where there were endless rows of grapes which were woven together. Prior to this the ‘Sands of Time’ collection was inspired by a desert safari in Dubai.”

Shobha enjoys doing designs which have a mixture of many different cultures and eras Dance Town Download. Even in her latest collection she has revived an ancient art of bead-weaving, dating back to the early Native Americans and prehistoric African tribes 인프런 강의 다운로드.

On her contemporaries, Shobha says, “Today, designers are taking more risks and are ready to experiment with different kinds of shapes and forms and also with different coloured stones to give the jewellery a more different and exotic look.”


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