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Diamond jewellery is an everlasting expression of art, believes Seema – By Surekha Kadapa-Bose

Seema Mehta

Born into a family of jewellers, she didn’t need any training in the art and science of jewellery designing 킹오브곡괭이 다운로드. But the third generation jeweller from the Kirtilal family, Seema Mehta, decided otherwise.“Diamond jewellery is an everlasting expression of art. A design is great when a lot of factors are in place, namely, the composition, the focal point, the movement and the overall harmony,” says the young Bangalore-based de signer who was born in Mumbai, brought up in Antwerp (Belgium) and graduated from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California where she did her Bachelors of Fine Art specialising in painting and sculpture 멤버놀이 다운로드.

Accepting that there is nothing as inspirational as nature, Seema says, “I also love to travel and observe motifs from various cultures. Every culture has a unique way and manner of using various colour combinations runway. The same flower is interpreted in different ways, like a lotus is usually rendered very realistically in India whereas an Egyptian way of representing a lotus is completely geometric and symmetrical.”

She admits that fashion and trends affect the season’s design Download the Android YouTube video. “At Kirtilals, we have recently tied up with designer Rohit Bal who has helped us create unique jewellery design concepts.”

Seema admits that it has helped her to have a support system created by two generations prior to her in the Kirtilals subtitles of IfOni. “Added to this is my formal training in painting and sculpture, which lends an important perspective to designs. Also, extensive travel has exposed me to most international brands from childhood’’, she explains kj 인증 툴 다운로드. Talking about Indian designers, Seema says, “We have very talented designers in India. However, I regret to say that the formal training given to them in the field of jewellery design lacks in areas of composition and design qt 5.7 다운로드. The international brands steal ideas from our rich heritage and Indian designers only seem to look up to the West, while the real treasure lies with us.”A designer who loves all sorts of designs be it contemporary or traditional, Seema says, “It all depends upon the material I am working with at that particular time.”


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