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Time & Plumage

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HW_Midnight-Feathers-AutomaPursuing together two age-old forms, namely watchmaking, the infinitely complex art of time measurement, and plumasserie, the rare and almost forgotten craft of creating art from feathers, Harry Winston presents the new Midnight Feathers Automatic 42mm taking us on a fascinating journey into the deepest realms of the animal and plant kingdoms, for the colours of the feathers suggest the amber-tinted roots of vetiver, bulrushes and cedar wood Download the descendant song of the sun. Each watch is a unique experience as each hand-crafted dial naturally varies with the individual feathers and the master craftsman’s touch. With infinite patience, each remige, or flight feather, is selected, coaxed into shape then laid in its exact position on the dial, using a loupe for the greatest possible precision Download Chosun Ilbo's Nametype. The visually striking marquetry plays on alternating colours, further accentuated by the perfect harmony between the pink gold of the case and the chocolate shades of the alligator strap Free the movie Extreme Job.


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