The Schwarzenegger Watch

The Schwarzenegger Watch

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schwarzenegger_lock_watch_560If you find AS prominently written on dial of a watch what you ascribe those alphabets to Fantastic water warfare download? Guess. No idea. It stands for Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former Governor of California. Magnum Magnum Group, a Brazilian watchmaking outfit has launched watches designed by Arnold English word. Named simply Schwarzenegger, his self-designed collection has been based on the three main interests in his life: bodybuilding, acting and politics. Arnold will reprise The Terminator role this year in the fifth film of the series, Terminator Genisys. The watches have a map of his home state on the dial face, a grenade pin crown lock, a bullet hole effect on a watchstrap, a camouflage-inspired node to Predator and red elements in homage to his Terminator cyborg Forrest Gump.


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