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Hiren Kumar Bose chooses the five best Hermes watches which has made the brand known all over

Since the 1920s Hermès has been supplying watch straps to the leading names of the day but much before that it had extended its leather-making expertise to accessories such as belts, jackets, bags etc. In 1978, La Montre Hermès SA having opened production facilities in Switzerland’s Biel Canton it launched the now famous Arceau model, inspired by the shape of a stirrup 안랩 v3 다운로드. Since then it has not looked back. Winning the Grand Prix d’ Horlogerie in 2011 for its Le Temps Suspendu brought the brand on the centre stage. It was a leap forward for Hermes as people in the industry began looking at it differently.  Then followed Dressage L’heure Masquée, a watch which played with time, interacting with the display of its steady flow—a concept which was actually the opposite of Le Temps Suspendu.  Over the years Hermès has presented its unique timepieces winning new customers and reaching out to unknown territories besides being considered as a serious Haute Horlogerie brand by the connoisseurs mp3gain 다운로드.

Arceau Le temps Suspendu

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It allows its owner to experience an interlude over which time has no hold. Its 38 mm case features a pushbutton that brings the hour and minute hands to a halt at about 12 o’clock when pressed. Time is thus erased from the watch dial and dissociated from standard time that meanwhile pursues its march ipad 영화 다운로드. Pressing the button once more sets time running again. A lively hand perpetually whirls backwards on the small subdial with 24 graduations, as if playfully taunting the passing of time. Protected by two patent one for its architecture and the other for the play-reducing gear teeth —the module is an addition to the Manufacture Calibre H1912 윈도우7 다운로드. Besides, in Arceau Le temps Suspendu, the running time and suspended time phases are coordinated by two synchronised column wheels: one driving the hours and the other the minutes.

Cape Cod


Created by Henri d’Origny in 1991, it was inspired by the ‘chaîne d’ancre’ which was invented in 1938 by Robert Dumas Phantom of the Opera. The double tour invented by Martin Margiela in 1998 wraps around the wrist very naturally. Special care is applied towards the creation of Hermès watch dials. The typography applied on the dials makes this singularity especially visible. Henri d’Origny draws unique numbers using similar shapes as the ‘chaîne d’ancre’ leading to timeless ‘Art Deco’ characters with a strong identity 파워 디렉터 다운로드. The typical face of the watch gives it an overall balance look. A elegant and a simple watch.

Arceau Skeleton


A timepiece that reveals the oscillations at its heart, the beating of its movement: the Arceau Skeleton is a 41 mm case watch. A round case extended by a steel stirrup: therein lies the very essence of the Arceau collection, inspired by the origins of the company itself, the equestrian world 나는 가수다 다운로드. Hermès plays on the concept of asymmetry in presenting this single stirrup. The Arceau Skeleton’s two sapphire crystals reveal the beating heart of the mechanism within: blued hands and large seconds hand, openworked bridges and mainplate, polished gear wheels and a skeletonised oscillating weight reproducing the Hermès signature. Against this exquisite mechanical backdrop, tiny arabesque numerals appear to be dancing around the rim of the brown or slate-grey dial. In its characteristic, understated manner, the Arceau collection thus offers an elegant and refined interpretation of the Skeleton watch 나의 사춘기 에게 다운로드. Mechanical precision blends with the simplicity of steel and the sensuality of a Havana or black alligator leather strap in a model that seems to invite us to listen for the sound of galloping horses.

Slim d’Hermès


The broad dial opening of the 39.5 mm-diameter model immediately draws the gaze, while the design of the lugs forms a right angle Plantz vs Zombies Download. The extreme simplicity of this watch conveys a movement towards essentials in a rigorous, beautifully balanced manner. When launched it became the talking point, thanks to the original typography created by Philippe Apeloig to mark the hours. The light, airy outline of the numerals imparts a lively rhythm that gives time a pleasing cadence. This watch for both men and women comes in three sizes iPad Open Load. At the heart of the large watch beats the Manufacture Hermès H1950 ultra-thin movement. The integration of a micro-rotor serves to slim down this self-winding calibre that now measures just 2.6 mm. Like the other models from the Manufacture, this movement is adorned with the “sprinkling of Hs” motif, while the bridges are hand-bevelled in keeping with watchmaking traditions. A sapphire crystal case-back affords a glimpse of the details conveying this expertise. Time is displayed in its simplest expression showing only the hours, minutes and seconds. The 39.5 mm-diameter model is equipped with a perpetual calendar mechanism, one of the most demanding horological complications. This function, which counts off the days and months while taking account of leap years and thus provides a four-year display, is associated with a moon-phase indication in natural white mother-of-pearl set against an aventurine glass sky, as well as a dual-time display in an ultra-thin composition.

Slim d’Hermès Mille Fleurs du Mexique


Hermès adopts a mother-of-pearl dial as a canvas on which to highlight the art of miniature painting in this 39.5 mm diameter watch. In a composition entirely crafted within the in-house workshops, the model is issued as a limited and numbered six-piece edition. The artisan begins by transferring onto the mother-of-pearl the motif drawing inspiration from a Hermès silk scarf by the graphic designer Laetitia Bianchi, before hand-crafting each line. Once the outlines of the motif have been sketched out more clearly, he prepares the palette of colours. Wielding the tip of his brush with infinite delicacy, he applies a first layer that is followed by around 20 more, interspersed by successive firings in the oven at 90°C to dry the painting. The dial gradually reveals its countless subtle nuances enlivened by tiny touches of colour. Envisaged as a unique pictorial work, the dial is framed by a white gold case crafted in the Hermès workshops.



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