The 8th Wonder

The 8th Wonder

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The timeless composition, representing the union of two circles present in all Jaquet Droz collections, is the source of inspiration for the design of pieces – By Hiren Kumar Bose

Grande Seconde

Being staid in times when flamboyance rules takes courage, perseverance and real doggedness. This was the fleeting thought I had when in 2005 at Basel, I first chanced upon Jaquet Droz, the high-end Swiss watch brand synonymous with rich history, unique design aesthetics, exceptional craftsmanship and technical mastery Premier for Mac.

At Jaquet Droz, the emotive is intimately linked to the aesthetic. The dials are designed in such a way as to give excellent legibility, giving them their distinguished appearance. All models, I learnt having interacted with the watch maker, begin with a consideration of aesthetics and then move on to produce a development on the movement Naver English Dictionary Download.

Jacquet Droz watches trace their ancestry to Pierre Jaquet Droz, a mechanical genius and a pioneer in the art of the Haute Horlogerie jewellery, who was a veritable living legend. Born in 1721 in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, Pierre, from his very first creation, considered his products as works of art rather than simple timepieces Stonesoup download.

Naturally so he created his own artist’s signature: either he would set the Jaquet Droz hallmark – the logo – or he would set his secret seal, a miniscule three-leaf clover on the bottom of the case or on the movement; a graphic that exists to this day.

The figure ‘8’, a union of two circles resembling the mathematical symbol of infinity, is universal. Pierre made this a timeless composition, present in all collections and the source of inspiration for the design of pieces of art 밴드캠프 무료 다운로드.

For Jaquet Droz, 8 represents perfect balance. This figure, with its two sections, can be seen on the dial of the ‘Grande Seconde’. This figure imposed itself quite naturally for the ‘Numerus Clausus’ editions: series of 8 – 28 – 88.

Signature of Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz was actually an early pioneer in robotics, creating automatons for the inbred Kings and Queens of Europe 영화 라이언 다운로드.  Today, the brand is still inspired by his dreams, his extraordinary horological masterpieces, his exceptional automatons, which include the androids entitled The Lady Musician, The Writer and The Draughtsman, and his quest for innovation, progress and excellence. Operating in the Haute Horlogerie segment, Montres Jaquet Droz SA excels in the art of one-off and very limited-edition items.

One of Jaquet Droz’s strengths is its ability to create custom dial designs. Its leading model, La Grande Seconde, which draws its inspiration directly from an 18th century timepiece, can just as easily be made to measure with a dial set with precious and semi-precious stones as with a dial base decorated with prestigious minerals, dried seaweed or other specific materials 더 배드 터치 다운로드.

Jaquet Droz’s automatically or manually wound mechanical movements are adorned with bridges and plates bearing the ‘Côtes de Genève’ decoration, while the sumptuous sun ornamentation of the oscillating weight is visible through the transparent case back. The horological complications beat within this precious radiance: tourbillon, minute repetition, equation of time, perpetual calendar, jump hour or retrograde moon windows disk images.

Gem stone setting

The brand has revived traditional crafts that were disappearing. Outstanding illustrations of this include his spangled dials and those of black Grand Feu enamel. Work entitled by hand, this technique is a subtle play between the finesse of powders – as  fine as human hair – and the power of flames 영화 고질라 다운로드. Enamellers alone are privy to the formula for producing these dials with their absolutely unique colour and grain. The dial, usually ivory, can also be absolute black; fascinating and mysterious, this black is the fruit of an alchemy whose secret is jealously guarded. The craftsman may produce five or more, and in the end keep only one.

Jaquet Droz dials are embellished with one or more gold rings that are applied, bejeweled, drawn and secured by screws, entirely by hand. This striking decorative feature is further enhanced by the characteristic blue of the hands and screws used in Jaquet Droz watches, which are created by bluing steel in a very delicate operation Insta batch download. The bluing craftsman, a specialist in this meticulous task, works with an open flame and adjusts the heat (to about 300°C) depending on the size and thickness of each watch hand. Treating steel with heat changes the colour of the metal from its original grey to blue. This operation is carried out for two reasons: the first, purely aesthetic, is to give the steel parts an attractive and uniform colour; the second is to modify the resistance and thus the elasticity of the pre-treated metal 베르사이유의 장미 다운로드.

Ever since 1738, Jaquet Droz hasalways combined the best technology with the beauty of pearls and precious stones. Timepieces are as much horological references as treasures of ‘Haute Joaillerie’, a tradition that lives more than ever through the ‘Grande Seconde’s’ ring set with pearls and rubies, or the dazzling bezel and horns – a passing yet distinguished reference to the pocket watches of the age of enlightenment. The art of the master gem setter reaches its apogee in the spectacular dials of the ‘Fleur de Lotus’ models in the gleam of gold, the fire of diamonds, the deep purple-reds of rubies as well as in flawlessly cut sapphires and emeralds, each more rare and splendid than the next.

Jaquet Droz pushes furthest the use of mineral gems in the ornamentation of dials. Their partners search constantly for the rarest stones which will elevate the beauty of unique pieces, and which will reflect the choice and personality of the client. The master craftsman calls upon all his art and the excellence of his skill for the presentation of these prodigious minerals. The greatest challenge is to find the right orientation so that the materials are cut whilst respecting the very nature of the stone.


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