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Tagged to Change

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Stephane Linder, Vice President (Marketing & Product Design), TAG Heuer, tells Mitrajit Bhattacharya that the brand believes in challenges and adaptability

You have had a long association with Motor sport 오픈프로젝트 다운로드. Incidentally, timekeeping is an extremely important part of it.
Initially our company was a stopwatch maker. We have always been very close to motor racing ie9 file. We patented the Micrograph in 1916, which was the first hundredth of a second [1/100] chronograph. It was a big challenge mechanically. We worked for many years on time-keeping 제로니모의 모험 다운로드. We have been involved in it from the 1920s, through stopwatches and measuring equipment, and in the 70s with electronics, when we have supplied every turnkey system ld player. We have been with McLaren Formula One for more than 25 years. Time-keeping, as in measuring the fraction of a second, is very close to our roots. We are the leaders in chronograph. It is our bit of men’s toys Japanese reasoning novel.

You have signed virtually every single famous motor racing driver. What makes you take them on as brand ambassadors?
We have met a lot of champions, from Formula One driver Ayrton Senna to Mika Hakkinen, to Juan Pablo Montoya and Lewis Hamilton and so on 아크로뱃 프로 다운로드. Besides, I have also met golf champion Tiger Woods. I think champions are all the same – they have a strong vision of what they will be and what they want to be from a very early age Ethical Management. Their goal is clear – they want to be number one.

When you spot that quality in a champion, you sign them on. Is that a fair comment more movies from the bad guys?
Exactly. When we sign new people, who are not number one yet, I know they are happy to learn more, to go ahead, to advance and always reinvent themselves. This is the philosophy of TAG Heuer linux mint. If you have noticed, we have always been reinventing ourselves. We are not a brand which demonstrates the type of luxury which is kind of static and obsolete eml 파일 다운로드. For me, luxury is dynamic. So for me, a good champion should reset his values, even if he has achieved a lot, like Tiger Woods.

So how difficult is it to challenge oneself on a regular basis?
One has to challenge oneself daily. You have to constantly improve. If the world changes, you have to adapt and go quicker than the world. For me, this is the philosophy of life. All our brand ambassadors subscribe to this philosophy.

Your biggest market is America. How are you addressing the negative impacts of recession?
In the US, we are number two. When we sell watches, we sell value for money. We try to always provide better value than the competition. In these difficult times, we plan to increase our market share. In the USA, we have increased our market share from 25 per cent to 43 per cent in the Euro 1,000 to 5,000 category. We have done it in just 25 months. I cannot lie to you, saying the business is growing there, but we are doing better than the competition.

One of the advantages is that you have entries at all price points.
Yes. We have watches that start at one thousand dollars and go up to seven thousand dollars. Customers come to us at all price points.