Surpassing Monotony

Surpassing Monotony

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Neha Lulla cuts thr ough the clutter with colourful jewellery

There is a design in everything around you if you look hard enough,” is how she elucidates her mastery over her craft of creating extremely colourful and striking jewellery worn by many actors that we see on both, large and small screens 마이크로 소프트 윈도우 다운로드.

 Mumbai-based jewellery designer Neha Lulla — who debuted at the IIJW this year — showcased her collection titled Tara Jauhar, that saw lots of colourful precious gems 날씨의 아이 자막 다운로드. In fact, she doesn’t like the monotony of a single colour in any of her pieces.

“I feel that monotone jewellery looks quite boring,” she tells us 맥 아이클라우드 사진 다운로드. “I prefer to use a mix of yellow and white gold as I feel the two-tone effect avoids restrictions and is more wearable and hence carries more value-for-money simple game. I love an array of colours in the gemstones as they make the jewellery look vibrant, and also bring out the beauty of the wearer.”

Neha, who is inherently drawn to nature, takes off on trips in the time when she isn’t creating jewellery 호텔 델루나 6회 다운로드. She loves to explore new places and soak in different cultures. “I love nature and also the history behind it,” she shares. “Without a past, there’s no future Download ckeditor.js. That is why my designs are a blend of both, the contemporary as well as the traditional. Although they are more on the contemporary side, the designs have that tinge of tradition as well begin again ost 다운로드. I like my designs to be up-to-date but also like to maintain the flavour of our culture and tradition.’’

Coming from a non-jewellery family background, Neha says that she was fascinated with jewellery from a young age and always dreamt of creating her own designs Lg firmware download. She got training in jewellery designing and manufacturing at Vakil’s Academy of Jewellery Design and SNDT Women’s University. She worked with different jewellers in her heydays, which helped her gain experience in designing, marketing and customer relations Steam download. In 2009, she started her own label: Neha Lulla Jewellery.

The best bit about her rich jewellery in which she expertly uses more of precious jewels, diamonds and rosecuts, is that it can be worn by everyone 유튜브 1080p 화질 다운로드. “My designs are for all age groups. I like to keep jewellery trendy and elegant so that the old and the young can carry it off for any occasion, be it as daily wear or for special occasions.’’


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