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Ebel’s 1911 BTR Chronograph is a combination of distinct, recognisable, outstanding design, with impeccable finish and details, superb technology and proprietary movements By Hiren Kumar Bose

A watchmaker takes a close look at the dial

1911 BTR Chronograph! Though a man’s watch, it’s still very sensual, soft and rounded. It’s less square, harsh and sharp. This Ebel watch’s design is very much about case-bracelet integration: for it’s rare to find others who integrate a strap on a case like this frp-bypass.apk! The watch is all about comfort — the wearer will say (Sorry, I’m not that fortunate, so what?). In both form and function, the Ebel 1911 BTR Chronograph watch is a dynamic creation which breathes fresh new life into the distinguished Ebel 1911 timepiece concept, while simultaneously honouring a highly respected luxury design.

Cut to La Chaux-de-Fonds. Having driven from Lausanne, braving a morning drizzle, we knock at the Ebel workshop to savour the making of 1911 BTR in person Unity 32-bit. For a journalist covering Swiss watches, it’s a thrill to watch the legendary timepiece taking shape in front of your eyes. Given its title from the year in which Ebel was founded, the various Ebel 1911 timepieces are characterised by their softly rounded contours, and a bezel which is framed with five screws.

While many Swiss watch manufacturers have focused primarily on men, Ebel watches have always held a special appeal for both women and men. In fact, Ebel likes to state that it was founded upon the twin pillars of the masculine and the feminine, united by the powerful force of love origin 6.0. Ebel was founded in 1911 by a married couple, Eugene Blum and Alice Levy – both partners in business as well as life. Eugene focused on the technical aspects of watch making, while Alice nurtured the aesthetic appeal.

Ebel Manufacture at La Chaux-de-Fonds

Called ‘The Architects of Time’ (Ebel slogan first coined in the ‘70s), Ebel watch designs have always incorporated smooth lines and warm harmonies of colour and texture 쥬라기월드2 다운로드. Even the distinctly masculine designs are sleek and flowing. Ebel watches are unmistakably identifiable and undeniably attractive.

Now owned by the US-based Movado Group, it is shifting gears, aligning its focus, staging a comeback in men’s mechanical watches.

Ebel believes that watchmaking and architecture have a lot in common. According to Ebel CEO Thomas Van Der Kallen, “This is how we put a sting in on giving soul, depth and substance to the brand and everything we do is based on this spirit of the architects of time.”

The chosen champion in this quest is the 1911 BTR collection of men-only watches, boasting proprietary mechanical movements, useful complications (GMT, perpetual calendar, chronograph) and most important of all, the signature style of the original 1911, in edgier dress for today’s market 윈도우7 기본 폰트 다운로드.

What sets the 1911 BTR apart from other men’s watches is that it’s a combination of distinct, recognisable, outstanding design, with impeccable finish and details, superb technology and proprietary movements. Among the men’s watches, one can spot the 1911 in an instant for its iconic look and the race is on to make it contemporary while anchored in tradition Annabelle 1 download.

During Basel 2005 Ebel launched the Caliber 139, a proprietary movement or one developed on its own, which is based on the 137. Ebel’s Caliber 139 is a particularly interesting automatic chronograph movement that displays the hours and minutes for the stopwatch — on a revolving wheel in a window for the hours and in a retrograde format for the minutes. It’s a chronograph where you don’t use the counters but have the beautiful discs, which is a unique way to read the chronograph.

The automatic chronograph, first in the Classic, later in the 1911, which was launched in 1986, became so successful that in the late ‘80s it became a big business for Ebel, so much so that it developed its own automatic integrated chronograph, the 137 oa. This self-winding movement is engineered to be both refined and extremely practical. The chronograph mechanism, equipped with 12-hour and 30-minute counters, has the ability to measure time intervals with precision of 1/8th of a second. Additionally, a date display adds daily utility to the watch. Water resistant to a depth of 100 meters, the Ebel 1911 BTR Chronograph watch is a fine and rugged companion for both sport and business 정주나요 mr 다운로드.

This movement can be found in several models of Ebel Ebellissimo watches. Ebel’s automatic movements are found among every collection of Ebel men’s watches, including the Ebel 1911 watch collection, a classically styled series of dress watches, and the Ebel 1911 BTR Watch Collection which is a beefed up variation of the standard Ebel 1911.

Ebel outsources the manufacturing of the parts, but these are movements exclusive to Ebel and not used by anyone else. “There are not many brands that claim to be manufactures Kimun Dunkak. They may manufacture some parts, but not all,” says Luc-Alain Grandjean, Manager, Internal Movement and Watch Assembly.

The 1911 BTR Chronograph measures a generous 44.50mm in diameter. The most casual version is presented in stainless steel with a black dial and a matching black rubber bezel and chronograph push pieces. In this version, the alligator strap features red stitching which handsomely matches the chronograph hands 여자친구 mp3 다운로드.

Ebel also offers the stainless steel 1911 BTR Chronograph watch in versions with a polished or diamond-set bezel, and with the choice of a stainless steel bracelet or an alligator strap. The most classic interpretation of the BTR Chronograph watch is crafted in 18K pink gold, has a silver dial and a cognaccolored alligator strap.

At the heart of Ebel design lies the dedication to individuality, which makes their creations identifiable. The combinations of curves confer a voluptuous charm on seek flowing lines, entirely free of sharp edges. The tradition and class of integrated cases and bracelets complement the shapes and enhances the style. The Ebel watch offers the wearer comfort that needs to be experienced by all.



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