Showcase vol.07

Showcase vol.07

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Romvlvs Large Date

Since its introduction in 1966, when it was bold enough to break free of the dial and to display hour numerals on its bezel, Romvlvs has become a classic in fine traditional watchmaking Todo. It currently represents one of the four main pillars of the Corum collection.

Romvlvs Large Date continues the development of the Romvlvs line with a new movement, featuring a large date function and a design that plays on the aesthetic of materials to soften the shapes and further enhance their timeless elegance 이지피디에프에디터 다운로드. It delicately marries the satin-brushed finish of a stainless steel case with the brilliance of a polished 18kt red gold bezel, istinguished by a cambered profile (the signature feature of the new Romvlvs models) engraved with 12 Roman numerals Eclipse Maven. The process of stamping this bezel involves 50 separate operations in order to achieve the perfect relief, shape and finish of the Roman numerals. The characteristic curve of the bezel is enhanced by the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that is convex on top and concave below Download the dawn prayer music. A special tool has been developed to individually hand-fit each crystal into its bezel while guaranteeing a perfectly watertight seal. This finish features an additional touch of refinement in the shape of the mirror-polish on the bezel surface, creating a striking contrast with the satin-brushed Roman numerals Flo Music. In Romvlvs Large Date, refinement meets elegance in a strategic alliance between red gold and steel.

Raymond Weil

Shine Jeans

Female elegance personified 그것이 알고싶다 둘만의 방 다운로드! The Shine collection has swiftly established itself as a Raymond Weil icon. Now the independent Geneva watchmaker is delighted to unveil a new design, full of character and decidedly contemporary charm: Shine Jeans 삼국지 게임 다운로드.

With its pure lines and subtle angles, the new timepiece exudes delicate sensuality. The precious setting — blending harmoniously with the suggestive curves of the rectangular case — highlights the refined dial, available in black or mole-grey 플라이트 시뮬레이터 x 다운로드. The new strap goes perfectly with these cool, stylish tones. It’s a subtle balance of colours and materials.

To sublimate feminine charm in all its diversity, shine watches have a gift for metamorphosis Half-Life 2 download. With their patented system of interchangeable straps, they can be cheerfully transformed according to the wearer’s mood or time of day. As their urban chic steel bracelets sparkle with mischief, these shine watches — clad in sophisticated denim, lending them a classy, modern feel — suddenly come to life subtitles for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

With its case sparkling with 66 diamonds (total 0.54 carat), a shine watch remains a jewel — a timeless symbol of aesthetics and seduction. Reflecting Raymond Weil’s attention to creative detail, the precisely curved attachments perfectly marry the contours of a lady’s wrist, extending the frontiers of beauty… to the delight of shine connoisseurs: a new generation of women with character and confidence in their style and appearance. This new addition to the shine collection reflects the Raymond Weil spirit of innovation. And, without a doubt, pays tribute to the elegance and finesse of the Women of Today!


Harry Winston

Lady Z

Harry Winston timepieces introduce the limited edition Lady Z, the first women’s timepiece with a zalium setting. Inspired by the mythical goddess Luna, the design and function of Lady Z evoke the dualities and feminity of the moon – light and dark, subtlety and strength.

Creating a celestial stage for the lunar mechanism, the lower part of the dial features an elliptical opening, with two moons crafted in aventurine for a subtle mixture of spangled and sequined deep blue. Each moon – one white, one black — is finished with a comet’s tail trace, set in shaded tones of diamonds and black sapphires. The whimsical mechanism is wound using a flush push button, located at 2 o’clock.

A two coloured dial evokes the radiance and dark energy of the moon in its many phases. A luminous silver-plated dial features Arabic numerals set-out in eye-catching rays, creating a striking contrast with the black of the ellipse. A second dial captures the elegance of the night sky, featuring a dark background with the time zone illuminated by pavé diamonds. Set in Zalium, a rare and difficult material to fashion, Harry Winston’s master jewellers have impeccably set the bezel and horns with a series of exceptional diamonds, enhancing the elegant, feminine feel.

Technical yet refined. Strong yet subtle. Distinctly feminine.