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Quite a sport

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Davide Cerrato,  Head of Marketing, Tudor, in conversation with Mitrajit Bhattacharya lets him in on the highpoints of the sporty brand

What does the brand Tudor stand for 레옹 mp3 다운로드?
It stands for sport, designs, functional beauty, elegance, refinement and then the sporty feeling and technology. That is why we chose to go with Porsche, until we became the timing partners with Porsche Motors, because it is a perfect expression of all these values 다이렉트 x11 다운로드.

How is Tudor different from Rolex?
From a mono brand company we became a portfolio company with two brands – Rolex and Tudor – with different positioning, different targets and different designs Psp Firm download. For us, being in the Rolex Group is very useful. Firstly, because of the distribution network we are distributed among the official retailers and can have the best of shops in different countries 색칠공부 다운로드. That amounts to good visibility and perfect representation. Secondly, we share the research and development with the group. So we can offer on price, a range which is lower than the Rolex one, but an incredibly good quality product 윈도우 xp 그림판 다운로드. And then, all the assembling is done inside the company. So again, the requirements of attention to detail and quality is the same as that given to Rolex Nintendo Switch game pack.

What kind of basic movements does Tudor use?
We use basic ETA movements and we customize them to our requirement: changing the escapements, the spiral, the anti-shock mechanism, etc 깃 허브 다운로드. And then we also decorate the calibre, both on the back side and on the dial side. So we are already ready if you want to open the dials to have see-through dials 명탐정코난 극장판 21기 다운로드. They are all selfwinding or mechanical-automatic movements, no quartz at all. In chronograph, we use the 7753 Valjoux as a base, which really is the best performer 10년 재무제표. We use 2824 for the old models, 2834 for the ladies models, 2892 for the GMT with an additional module, and the 7754, which is Chrono and GMT, for our Iconaut model 스위치 xci 다운로드.

What is the starting retail price of Tudor?
The Swiss franc retail price is around 1500 and goes up to about 3800. There are a few models which are more expensive than that too.

Can you take us through some of the iconic products you have developed in the last couple of years?
The strongest one is the GranTour. Then we have the Hydro range, which is now Hydro 1200, Hydronaut II and Hydro Chrono. And the Chronograph range which is very important for Tudor. It has been in our DNA and the most collectible pieces for Tudor are the chronographs of the 70s. We just refreshed the Aeronaut. There are also the Iconaut, Chrono and GMT, but these are the key models in the sports range.

Do you ever see any fear of cannibalization with Rolex?
No, never.