November Surprise

November Surprise

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Hiren Kumar Bose on the finer details of watches from Hublot, Zenith and HYT launched this month

HUBLOT Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Limited Edition
The Hublot Classic Fusion Bronze Bucherer Blue Edition features an elaborately designed bronze case and a mechanical automatic movement Windows 10 isofile. In this 45mm watch, Hublot for the first time combines a bronze case with a black ceramic bezel and six H-shaped titanium screws – an unusual and masculine blend of materials and colours that create a bold style statement 강식당3 3회 다운로드. The blue satin-polished dial with a sunray finish further emphasises the masculine design, and a blue rubber strap in combination with alligator leather adds the perfect finishing touches to this impressive creation alexnet. This timepiece for the modern gentleman already features a beautiful natural patina, and Hublot’s distinctive bronze, with its subtle yellow and pink undertones, develops its individual character over time, ensuring every watch is a unique piece for its wearer 유플러스박스 다운로드. The watch boasts a mechanical HUB1112 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve and a date display. The new special edition will be available exclusively across Bucherer stores and also online qrcode file.

ZENITH Defy Classic Range Rover Special Edition
For the past three years, Zenith has been associated with Land Rover 킬 위드 미 다운로드. A new vehicle deserved a new timepiece, and the next-generation Range Rover Evoque is paired with the latest Zenith watch from the Defy Classic collection King Arthur's Sword. The latest addition to the associated timepiece collection, the new Defy Classic Range Rover, is distinguished by its characterful design, its beautifully proportioned 41mm case endows it with a resolutely unisex appeal Drastic Pokémon White 2.

Specially co-developed by design and technical engineering teams working in close harmony, this 200-piece limited edition of the Defy Classic Range Rover is a combination of its own streamlined looks and certain unmistakable elements drawn from its automotive inspiration Windows fonts. These notably include colour themes evoking the UK manufactured vehicle, such as the seconds hand and oscillating weight attired in Arctic Petrol (turquoise blue) inspired by the accents on Evoque’s steering wheel and seats Walking Dead Season 7. The open-worked dial of this sophisticated timepiece is inspired by the sculptural design of the wheel design of the Evoque, while the quilted-patterned upholstery of the premium SUV is picked up in the ‘diamond’ motif gracing the rubber strap of its horological alter ego.

This 51mm limited edition watch strikes a new dimension to the combined energy of two potentially polemic opposites – light and liquid – with the smallest dynamo ever invented, patent pending. The exploration of new territories in miniaturization and component curvature enabled the in-house development of a micro-generator. This sources light from two LEDs without any support from electronics or batteries. Bauhaus boldness enlivens a canvas of black and silver metal components in four eye-catching H4 limited editions. As the fluorescent nanoparticles in the transparent composite dials catch the light, each of the surface’s tiny perforations transforms into a light source in itself. Adding its signature to the paradoxical perfection of these timepieces is the seamless combination of an exclusive mechanical movement and patented fluidic module. Even the bi-material strap in rubber and technical fabric shows that opposites attract, act and interact.


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