Monuments of Time

Monuments of Time

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Ebel’s Villa Turque in La Chaux-de-Fonds, designed by Le Corbusier, is a miracle of ageless perfection and majestic equilibrium By N. Sreekumar

Ebel watch-making shares a vocabulary with architecture that goes far beyond linguistics to encompass the quintessential spirit of these two equally demanding disciplines gang beasts 다운로드. Preliminary sketches, scale models, noble materials, harmonious proportions, original curves, smooth textures, finishing details et al are similar to watches and buildings.

In watch-making, as in architecture, a blend of artistic refinement and technical precision gives rise to works conveying a wealth of purpose and emotions cubase ai. While clearly intended to fulfil one or several specific practical functions, the forms of true architectural creations – be they buildings or watches – are pervaded by an unmistakable sense of aesthetic sophistication and artistry.

For each and every Ebel watch, from the research and development stage throughout production, cutting-edge technology and outstanding know-how merge with visionary inspiration and constant innovation, all governed by the high quality standards inherent to the Architects of Time 카카오 뮤직 노래 다운로드. Since 1911, the Architects of Time have dedicated their talents, their passion and their creativity to designing and crafting distinctive watches that exercise an enduring fascination.

It is an undeniable fact that watch-making has tended to be a male-dominated arena, in which all of the high-profile founders of the best-known watch brands have been men 3dp chip net. Not so with Ebel, which was built from the very beginning on the twin pillars of masculine and feminine values and qualities, united by the most powerful force in the world: love.

The first Architects of Time, who laid the company foundations on July 15, 1911, were a man and a woman, partners in life and in this noble undertaking TalkOn Mobile. Settled in La Chaux-de-Fonds, one of the major centers of Swiss watch-making, Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy had been married for nine years when they decided to seal this union of destinies in such an entirely novel way. The name of the watch-making firm they established symbolised its unique origins in the fusion of two outstanding personalities: EBEL – an acronym of the initials “Eugène Blum Et Lévy” microsoft office excel 2007 다운로드.

Right from the early days of company history, complementary talents and interests were to shape the construction of the corporate spirit, and to inspire all those who have followed in their twin set of footsteps. Eugène dealt with the technical side of brand development, emphasising the need for optimal precision, expertise and quality at each step. Meanwhile, Alice focussed on aesthetic aspects of Ebel watches, insisting on the elegance and sensuality of soft, gentle shapes, combined with a daring and distinctive, yet timeless approach to design 바이오하자드4 다운로드. Ever since, the combined influence of this determination to achieve irreproachable technical reliability, expressed through models conveying refined and sophisticated taste, has been apparent in the many endeavours and undertakings of the Architects of Time.

The Villa Turque in La Chaux-de-Fonds was designed by Le Corbusier who began work on it in 1916, completing the construction in 1917 심즈 부지 다운로드. The world-renowned Swiss architect was thus a contemporary of Eugène and Alice Lévy, and the destinies of their most significant respective legacies were to become closely entwined through this beautiful and revolutionary creation. “A work of art and true architecture,” as Le Corbusier himself liked to describe it, the Villa Turque is a miracle of ageless perfection and majestic equilibrium, enshrining a vision of architecture that now appears more contemporary than ever 산업모드 다운로드.

When Ebel acquired this famous villa in 1986, coinciding with the brand’s 75th anniversary, it became a natural home to company activities and development. Inspired by a blend of inexhaustible creative genius and consummate technical mastery, the House of Ebel is the architectural embodiment of the corporate philosophy and brand values 윈도우 xp 서비스팩2 다운로드.

It is important to remember that Le Corbusier was also an essayist, journalist, philosopher, painter, traveller and sculptor, and his phenomenally broad range of interests and skills were to exercise a determining influence on his constructions. The entire work of this true architect of time has been a powerful and enduring source of inspiration for Ebel watches, which embody the same tireless pursuit of perfection through harmonious forms and shapes, and visionary innovations on the themes of new materials, perspective, light and space.

Despite – or perhaps because of – their revolutionary nature, creations by Le Corbusier were quite clearly built to find their way unscathed through changing times and trends, leaving an indelible imprint on the collective conscience. In much the same way, the distinctively innovative models designed by Ebel radiate an enduring elegance that marks them out as imperishable “monuments of time”.


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