KRAYON Everywhere gifts you the location calculating the longitude & latitude: Remi...

KRAYON Everywhere gifts you the location calculating the longitude & latitude: Remi Maillat

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CEO Krayon Remi Maillat talks to Mitrajit Bhattacharya,  on Everywhere, a customised watch that calculates longitude and latitude to present you with your location

Remi Maillat, CEO Krayon

What’s Krayon all about? Do tell us bit about the brand and the watch.
Krayon was founded by me in 2013. In the beginning Krayon was an engineering studio that undertook development work for other watch brands Hancom Office trial. For years, I have been toying with the idea of creating a watch with sunrise and sunset function.
Tell us a little bit about your background. Are you from the watchmaking industry?
I am an engineer in micro techniques and have been working more than 10 years in the watch industry, before starting Krayon 본투비블루 다운로드. I have worked with Cartier for six years. I have been developing complicated watches, fine watchmaking for the Geneva Seal. I developed for example, the Double Mysterieuse Tourbillon, Rotonde Grande Complication and also took part on the development of the famed Astrotourbillon. I have been involved in many complicated watch developments.

What was the purpose of starting a new company? What did you want to achieve by doing it 거래내역 다운로드?
Having gained a lot of experience I thought it was the perfect time to start something new which would be a challenge,both personal and professional.  I started this company and continue to work as an engineer for other brands too developing watch movements.

What was your first product under the Krayon brand name?
We called it Everywhere and was shown for the first time in GPHG, Geneva last year 제네레이션 다운로드. The maiden piece was delivered last December. I wanted to create sunrise and sunset function, but it is a pity that it had to be set to a specific location on earth because at that time there was no other way to do it.  For years I thought about it, maybe for more than 2 years. Ultimately, I found a way to make a mechanical device that could allow setting, changing and be able to display sunrise and sunset anywhere on the earth 감출수 없는 본능 다운로드.
Krayon EverywhereNot fixing up the location…
No fixing the location, absolutely everywhere. We can set every parameter like latitude, longitude, UTC etc.

So you can fix up the longitude and latitude and thus fix the location on the earth…
We also have to define, with the UTC the time zone that is used for the display the sunrise and sunset egov file. The independent timezone setting also allows us to address the daylight saving time. So, even if it doesn’t move, we can, as we are in Geneva now, can switch from winter time to summer time with this parameter.

Does the watch also have equation of time?
The equation of time is included inside, but it’s not displayed because most of the calculation is based on the true solar time which describes the position of the sun in relation to the earth.There are two cams that include equation of time, one cam will add it, and the second cam will subtract it 유튜브 방송 다운로드. They slide, depending on the latitude. So, if we are in a very high or low latitude the cam will be very off-centred. And this rail is put on a big wheel, and this wheel turns one rotation per year. This device combines the date of the year, the equation of time and the latitude.

And there is a very complicated sub-assembly with two very tiny differentials and this combines the information gathered by this mechanism, to the information gathered by another mechanism that is under the dial 클래식 미디 다운로드. This other mechanism combines UTC and the longitude, and the information is given to the differentials here, and this component combines also the 5 parameters, and drives the two discs that are used for displaying sunrise and sunset. So, it’s a total of a four differentials that work to give all the displays.

Can we say that this is the only watch which uses this kind of calculation of longitude and latitude to basically give you the location 멜론차트 2019년 6월 다운로드?
Yes, absolutely. There are three patents pertaining to this watch. One focuses on the latitude, the other on the longitude and the third with the function selector. There are a lot of parameters to set and I really wanted it to be very easy- easy to read and easy to set. The crown has three positions, the first is winding, the second is time setting, and the third is the setting of the parameter 소셜클럽 게임 다운로드. With the pusher one can select the parameter that will be set in the third position.

Is this a limited edition?
No. We are not limiting the number of watch we produce. Each watch is made upon request and can be fully customised.  We can do the metal, the finishing, there is also diamond bezel, the carving on the case, and custom dial is possible too. Also customisation of most of the movements is possible.

How many pieces of Everywhere have you delivered yet?
My capacity of production now is 5 pieces a year. I delivered the first piece in December, and have two orders which we intend to deliver this year.