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Guru Of Timeless Complication

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Kurt Klaus has witnessed not only the rebirth of IWC but also of the entire Swiss watch industry.  In a recent visit to Mumbai, he takes time out to talk to Mitrajit Bhattacharya

Kurt Klaus

The traffic was choc-a-block and practically the whole of Mumbai was on the streets 사브리나 다운로드. It was time to say goodbye to the beloved Ganpati by immersing Him in the waters. But that didn’t deter me from meeting the legendary watch maker.

Kurt Klaus, credited with the development of the famous Perpetual Calendar for IWC, also has a limited edition IWC series named after him 심시티 무료 다운로드. He was in the city to conduct a workshop on watchmaking for IWC’s preferred customers and business associates. Participants assembled a simple hand-winding pocket watch movement created in 1935 which is still in production today 포켓몬스터 1세대 다운로드. In a rendezvous, the expert talks about the fascinating world of watches.

As a watchmaker of repute, what do you think of a tourbillon 어쩌다 상점 다운로드?

It’s a fascination, a real beauty. It’s a challenge to design, produce and assemble a tourbillon. Minute repeaters are more complicated but tourbillons are more difficult to produce qt creator. Out of 140 watchmakers in IWC, only two assemble a tourbillon. It is just 12 mm in size with 81 pieces weighing less than half a gram.

Every tourbillon is different Download the bear three mp3s. The tourbillon used in IWC watches are totally homemade. It was developed in 1993. The tourbillon here is set on ball bearing. This makes it very different from other tourbillons in the market, which normally have an axis and a bridge over Mac os Mojave. Our tourbillon is more visible, yet secretive. It’s on the top of the movement, you can see it rotate but you can’t see how it rotates. That’s why I called it ‘Mystere’ 폰스스톤 다운로드. However, a tourbillon does not make the movement more accurate.

Do we need a chronometer? Is it a dodo which continues to live?

It’s a marketing demand, not really relevant in our context 창세기전 3 파트 2 다운로드. The government labs demand special dials and hands to read the time electronically for the test and that’s why it still exists. Once the watch is back from the lab, you change the dial/hand for your brand 완전범죄 프로젝트 다운로드. The Chronometer tolerances are within -2 to +6 seconds a day, whereas at IWC we follow even more stringent specifications. Forty years back, it was important to have the chronometer certification; now we don’t really need it. I feel that it’s a marketing tool in the current context.

You have been associated with IWC for over five decades. What do you think has been your biggest contribution?

Undoubtedly, the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar. It not only changed the fortune of IWC but also influenced the watch industry. To tell you the truth, we have produced more perpetual calendars than anyone in the watch industry. We set a record of producing more than 2,000 pieces in a single year. Till date, we have produced over 25,000 pieces. Isn’t that a great achievement? It took me a long time to develop the calibre. I wanted to make it very easy for the user. It is a simple process of pulling the crown and turning it to move the entire calendar system. In fact, we got a patent for fixed programming of the calendar way back in 1985. There is no requirement of a push button for the calendar. It helped immensely in industrialisation as it needs only around 80 parts to make the calendar, giving it a distinct advantage in production, assembling and pricing.

IWC has honoured you with the launch of the Da Vinci Limited edition…

The Da Vinci Kurt Klaus Limited edition Perpetual Calendar Chrono is restricted to fifty pieces in platinum and white gold, five-hundred in rose gold and now a thousand in stainless steel.