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Avant-Garde, always

The inventor in 1926 of the Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch, then in 1931 of the Perpetual rotor, a precursor for the current self-winding systems for wristwatches, Rolex has never stopped innovating since its creation in 1905. This passion for innovation is embodied in their recent inventions Lonely Gourmet Season 5. They each testify to the unflagging avant-garde spirit that drives the brand and allows it not only to be a state-of-the-art watchmaker, but often to surpass itself Oracle 10g 32 bit download.

The Parachrom hairspring was developed and patented by Rolex. Made of an exclusive alloy of niobium, zirconium and oxygen, it has the advantage of remaining up to 10 times more accurate than a conventional hairspring in case of shocks, and is unaffected by magnetic fields, thus conferring excellent chronometric performance on the watch 스마트폰 포켓몬스터 다운로드.

To optimise the shock resistance of its movements, Rolex designed, developed and patented the Paraflex shock absorbers, an innovative system that improved on traditional systems by up to 50 percent 유튜브 자동 자막 다운로드.

Besides, the Cerachrom bezel – monobloc or insert – on certain professional models in the Oyster collection is made of an extremely hard and corrosion- resistant ceramic which is practically impervious to scratches 한컴 타자연습 2018 다운로드. Its colour – black, blue or green – is unaffected by UV rays. To offer optimal legibility, the numbers and graduations are engraved or moulded into the ceramic, then covered with a thin layer of gold or platinum Download Albuer.

When it comes to dials, the Goldust dream dial spectacularly illustrates the symbiosis between aesthetics and technology Create a movie download. Natural mother-of-pearl is embellished with original motifs and a very thin layer or gold or platinum gives it a unique metallic appearance. Because it has mastered the alloying of gold as well as the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and electro deposition techniques, it can create exclusive dials I alsoed it twice. Their surfaces undergo a special treatment that reveals the metal crystals as if by magic. Depending on the shade desired, the dial is then coloured with yellow gold or rhodium by galvanic treatment or pink gold by PVD deposition 신세기 에반게리온 엔드 오브 에반게리온 다운로드.

Moreover, the innovative Ring command bezel is designed to provide interaction between the bezel and the movement. On the Yatch-Master II, the rotatable bezel allows the programming of the countdown to be accessed and then locked their own World Cup. On the Sky-Dweller, it allows the wearer to easily select the watch’s different functions to be set like date, local time or reference time.

In addition to the above innovations, Rolex came up with the Ringlock System. It allows the watch to withstand pressure down to the extreme depth of 3,900mts (12,800 feet). This totally new architecture is based on a combination of three elements like a high-performance ring, a domed sapphire crystal and a titanium case back.

Also, in order to enhance the comfort of its bracelets, the developers came up with a kind of technique, which allows the wearer to swiftly and easily increase the bracelet length by approximately 5mm without the need for tools. Discreetly integrated and tucked beneath the clasp, this extension system comprises a link that is easily pulled out or folded back on itself to lengthen or shorten the bracelet.