FAVRE-LEUBA Adopts Blockchain To Ensure Authenticity

FAVRE-LEUBA Adopts Blockchain To Ensure Authenticity

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Favre-Leuba AG, the second oldest Swiss watch brand that is renowned for its tool Known or its watches like Bivouac and Bathy, Favre-Leuba have partnered to implement the WISeAuthentic Blockchain edition to authenticate and protect its watches and their owners 엘지 노트북 드라이버 다운로드.
Purchasing an exclusive Swiss watch is always a matter of great joy and pride, but this purchase comes with the concern that the timepiece maybe stolen or that the watch itself may not be an original mac ms office 2016 한글판 다운로드. While most high-end watch brands find it extremely difficult to stop such acts, Favre-Leuba has taken steps to protect its watches.

Reliable methods include the use of cutting-edge software or blockchain technology, which together with on-the-ground measures can ensure the authenticity of the watch Galaxy s8 firmware. Moreover, if the watch is stolen, it can be traced thus making it difficult to be traded on the secondary market. This control is possible to practice because the identity of each watch is stored on an immutable ledger in the implemented system chrome exe.

Upon activation of a Favre-Leuba warranty, the legitimate owner of the watch is registered in the company’s highly secure SAP database and is supported by WISeAuthentic blockchain technology furniture images. Owners of a new Favre-Leuba luxury timepiece become digital members of an exclusive club and their registered watch is protected by Favre-Leuba’s 24/7 online fraud prevention unit Inven 2014.

Each Favre-Leuba timepiece has a unique serial number etched on the watch. Upon ownership of a new Favre-Leuba piece, the authorised Fabre-Leuba retailer must activate the warranty of the watch 콜 오브 듀티 모던 워페어 다운로드. Each watch is accompanied with a warranty card which has a unique number and a unique electronic identity that is generated by the WISeAuthentic blockchain platform and engraved into a WISeKey Secure Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware chip 웹 비디오 다운로드. The identity is a unique ePassport able to identify the product on the blockchain ledger.

When the serial number of the watch is paired with the unique warranty number, the watch is then considered active for the applicable 5-year warranty period 영화 허삼관 다운로드. Only authorized distributors can activate the warranty via a highly-secured, encrypted software system.

If a Favre-Leuba watch is stolen – by simply informing the company, relating the details of the watch, the serial number and some other basic information, the watch will be flagged as ‘stolen’ in the warranty activation system 오드 토머스 다운로드. The WISeAuthentic blockchain technology used by Favre-Leuba provides transparency and traceability and is tamper-proof, unlike the traditional databases often used by other watch manufacturers.

While most people consider Blockchain technologies as a vital component in securing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the cryptography and security inherent in the Blockchain system can be utilized for storing information, making transactions and performing functions for web-based services that demand high-security requirements for an impenetrable global reach.

“WISeKey has long been recognized as a leader in providing luxury and other product manufacturers with reliable means to protect their brands against counterfeiting,” said Carlos Moreno, VP Corporate Alliances and Partnerships. “The combination of blockchain technology with our secured NFC chips and our WISeAuthentic PKI platform further leverage the unified manner that shields these brands from the harmful effects of counterfeit products, while enhancing transparency into their end consumers and the entire ecosystem.”