‘Continue to tell the story to bring in new customers’

‘Continue to tell the story to bring in new customers’

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In an email interaction with Hiren Kumar Bose Global Brand & Sales Director at Luminox/ Mondaine Watch Ltd Martin Grossenbacher paints the scenario the watch brands will function pots-pandemic  

Martin Grossenbacher, Global Brand & Sales Director at Luminox Mondaine Watch Ltd

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to seek out new ideas for doing business fifa 15. What do you think are the option for the watch industry?
We all know, online will play even more a major role, luckily we have in our major markets USA & China already a relative good online business 2018 엑셀 가계부. Even more, it is important to identify talent in your team who aware of this business can further build on it.

Luminox Bear Grylls Collection

Seeking out new customers and engaging him and her sql server 2005. Tell me, how is it likely to happen?
A watch purchase at least for a Swiss watch from a certain value, the consumers buy mainly from the image of the brand stdint.h 다운로드. Consequently, it is about continuously updating the profile of your brand, it is about visual material such as film, photos and also the text and the products, which need to tell the story Ied it is a killer.

How has the brand grown in terms of adding more stores and introducing new models to the Indian buyers?
We currently are available in about 22 stores in different parts of the country including Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Kochi, Ahmadabad to name a few Pre-korean and computer dictionary. Our online store has also been doing quite well.

How in your opinion has the brand capitalised on the renowned names such as brand ambassadors Ashish Rao Rane and Bear Grylls to reach out to a larger audience as well as build the brand 피직스 다운로드?
We are interacting with the customers on the brand’s social media platform through Luminox’s brand ambassadors, Bear Grylls and Ashish Rao Rane gta5 습격 다운로드. They are engaging with them through posts carrying video messages and images in times of lockdown, motivating, and cheering up followers, sending forth messages of strength and resilience 일러스트 2018 다운로드. Not just that, the customers are also made aware of the new arrivals, offers and much more that allows them to be updated of brand’s overall developments WonderCam.

Bear Grylls represents adventure at a global stage who echoes ‘never give up’ attitude through his meticulous adventure escapades, which also reflects with Luminox’s brand ethos. The on-going global pandemic COVID-19 has disrupted business on many accounts, which has had a big effect on our marketing plans; we are confident and optimistic to reach out to the millions of followers of Bear Grylls in the months and years to come.

What are the new additions across categories, which Luminox serves?
Luminox started mainly in the USA as a “professional brand”, mainly purchased for persons active in the area of law enforcement, security, military. From there we branched out—based on the good experience with the products — to their friends and families. This included many members in the fishing and hunting community, and, of course, with the increasing trend of outdoor activities/outdoor sports we see good potential. The Bear Grylls Series, just launched will be of great support to grow this segment.

 What plans you have in regard to tapping into the potential customer base in the field of adventure sports?
With the Bear Grylls watches we have products that are ideal for consumers who look for the rugged analog watch, water-resistant, Swiss Made, and of course our lighting system. The lighting system allows 24 hours/ 7days unlimited night visibility without any external energy-especially no battery function. So compared to digital or smartwatches where you do not have to worry about battery reserve.