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World on your wrist

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If you’r e working with a global team on projects with tight schedules requiring frequent phone calls as well as managing tasks and deadlines that all need to be synchronised, you should opt for a worldtime watch, says Hiren Kumar Bose

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If  you are a frequent flier, you would be no stranger to worldtime watches Windows 10 Internet Explorer download. These watches allow you to read the time in many different time zones, all at once. Most top-notch Manufacturers have issued a worldtime watch in their lifetime 훈민정음 글로벌 다운로드. In fact, the bouquet is thought to be incomplete without one. You name it, and you’re likely to have a worldtime watch from major watch brands, be it Breguet or Breitling, Jaeger-LeCoultre or Patek Philippe pandora video.

It takes more than just a world time zone map to figure out what’s the time at the flight’s destination, having boarded a Mumbai-New York flight 권법소년 다운로드. Hours must be added or subtracted, summer time must be accounted for, and to add to it all, one must not ignore the glaring fact that flight schedules are often based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Confusion thus, becomes an obvious off-shoot geological too. That’s why a worldtime comes handy. If jet-setting from one continent to another is your way of life, these timepieces will surely make your life simpler in keeping time 지분약정서 다운로드.

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Most world-time indications are based on the 1931 Louis Cottier design, and there is usually a ‘city ring’ with a rotating 24-hour indicator ring vmware pro 15 다운로드. With the main dial showing the home time, one gets the time in a listed city by reading off the nearest number on the 24-hour indicator. However, world-time watches can result in inaccuracies during daylight savings time, as different cities mandate their own dates on which to implement daylight savings is7 ipsw.

We bring you our pick of the worldtime watches on offer at the recently concluded BaselWorld 2013:


With Patravi TravelTec FourX Limited Edition, watchmakers at Carl F. Bucherer bring together not only different time zones but also different worlds—worlds of exquisite materials. The design of the Patravi TravelTec, which was first launched in 2006, created entirely new challenges for engineers, watchmakers and designers, since the specification required the clear and simultaneous indication of three time zones, necessitating for the first time ever the integration of movement and case. In the Patravi TravelTec, the case contains part of the time-zone selection mechanism, which is controlled in two directions by means of a single push-piece. The process can even be observed through a window that has been let into the side.

The time and effort put into the design is very much aimed at ease of operation. For example, the direction of travel (east or west) can be pre-selected on the multifunctional push-piece at 10 o’clock and each push causes a jump to the next time zone, the flange with its imprinted 24-hour scale turning in either direction to guarantee that the red hours hand always shows the correct local time. Unlike other ‘world time watches’, the Patravi TravelTec is suitable both for frequent flyers and for those who communicate with people all over the world. Those entering another time zone will prefer to make an adjustment at once,moving the wedge-shaped hours-hand forward or backward an hour at a time. Those who frequently need to make calls to other time zones will value the com- bination of the 24-hours hand and the patented Patravi TravelTec mechanism, which allows selection of the time zone of the person called to see at a glance whether it is day or night there. The watchmakers have given it a skeletonised dial permitting a free view of the gearing of the painstakingly decorated automatic movement. A visual delight is provided by the elegant date indication under an effective loupe: the figures are milled out of the date ring and remain invisible until they appear over a red background in the date window. The technical look of the overall appearance is reinforced by the colours. Matt black contrasts with noble rose gold, and the essential information on the dial stands out in bright red.