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As Head of Tanishq Design Studio, Sangeeta Dewan seeks to provide a platform to promote Indian crafts and craftsmen on a global levelĀ By Neha Ved

Sangeeta Dewan is a strategist and likes her innovativeness to be in sync with market. So when Tanishq approached her to join them as the head of their design studio, she was more than happy to become a part of this globally recognised Indian brand. “I want to take traditional Indian jewellery to the world. My position gives me a platform to promote Indian crafts and Indian craftsmen. Right from creating to marketing the collection, everything is done on a large scale, which means there’s a larger outreach. Since I’ve so many resources at my command, I want to take full advantage and make our brand and art a global trend,” she states.

Born in an Army family, Sangeeta’s childhood was spent travelling all over India. Her travels brought forth the country’s rich heritage and infused in her the desire to be in the designing field. From being an accessory design student to heading the design team at Tanishq, she has made the optimum use of this experience and observation. Her constant desire for learning led her to Milan and had the chance to work for leading brands such as Mont Blanc (Paris), Cartier (Paris), Jaeger-LeCoulter (Switzerland) and Dunhill (London).

Sangeeta’s designs are inspired by Nature. Although she uses different metals and stones in her creations, gold remains her favourite owing to its malleability and flexibility. In fact many of her award-winning designs are also cast in the same material. A person who understands the importance of teamwork she finalises her collection
only after a discussion with her team. “As the Head, my job requires me to study the scenario and then design trends. Observing and travelling aids my designs. This is a habit with my team members as well. The final collection is therefore a result of the team’s inputs, observations and visualisations, and not just the boss’s whim,” she says.


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