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Platinum is not just the rarest of precious metals, but also the purest and beaviest, lending itself as an ideal material for contemporary watchmaking

One has to resort to superlatives when speaking of platinum mp3 as well as four. It is indeed the rarest of precious metals. It is also the purest and the heaviest. In fact, the alloy used for platinum watchmaking contains 950 parts per 1000 of platinum, compared with 18-carat gold which contains 750 parts per 1000 of gold Veracrypt.

It is resistant to heat, is non-deformable, and is oxidation-proof. Moreover, it is ductile and hypoallergenic. It is by concentrating on these extraordinary qualities, to which we may add its natural white brilliance, that platinum has gained a special, privileged role in the creation of solid, luminous, precious watchcases, ideal for protecting and showing to best effect the most precise timepieces Insta. Platinum offers new expressive opportunities to contemporary watchmaking, not only because of the importance of technical factors, but also because of its extraordinary aesthetic qualities Call of Duty 4 download. We present a bouquet of platinum watches, which is truly representative of the finest of them.

Harry Winston


Ever since art deco was first popular, platinum has been the metal of choice for the most precious creations in jewellery, in part because it makes it possible to have a small setting and also because it accentuates the colour of precious gems get them alled. Platinum does exactly this here with this sumptuous à secret jewelled watch. Reveal the dial with a simple gesture: just raise the lid of the case hidden at the centre of the bracelet 바람이나 좀 쐐 다운로드. The diamonds, set entirely in platinum, seem to flutter over the pulse in an enveloping embrace.

This platinum case electronic quartz watch with a secret integrated into the bracelet, with drop diamonds, sapphire glass comes with a bracelet of platinum with drop and brilliant-cut diamonds totalling 88.88 carats Download Chromecast.



Launched in 2007, there have been many different models in this collection, including complicated ones step 7 다운로드. The latest version is extra-flat and very elegant with a slender but generous platinum case. It comes in blue and is available in a numbered limited edition of 199 pieces Kids high definition the weather. Iconic as ever, it includes all the typical details of the collection, including the spherical crown that gives the watch its name. Protected by an arch and decorated with a cabochon sapphire, the crown makes this particular watch immediately recognisable 율리시스 다운로드.

This platinum, 46 mm diameter and 7.05 mm high: mechanical manual, made in-house, extra-flat watch has hours and minutes functions.



Greubel Forsey


This watch is an interpretation of the first double tourbillon model to be made by Greubel and Forsey. This latest version, in platinum, reveals the movement, including a double tourbillon with both cages at an angle of 30°. The smaller of the two cages rotates in 60 seconds, while the larger one takes four minutes. A message describing the creators’ passion for watchmaking and desire to help it evolve through technological research is engraved in the middle.

This 47.55mm platinum case mechanical manual, made in-house watch, with double tourbillon escapement has 5-day power reserve with functions including hours and minutes at the centre, subsidiary seconds, sectorial indication of autonomy and rotation of the external tourbillon cage.