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Cricketer and Corum’s brand friend Shikhar Dhawan speaks about his style and favourites in a freewheeling tête-a-tête with Ami Gandhi

Considered a style icon… does it come naturally to you or is it crafted 그림판 다운로드?
Style comes naturally to me. I like wearing comfortable clothes. I like plain and classy clothes. Something that is very blingy doesn’t attract me 킬러의보디가드 다운로드. For me, my apparel must be neat and at the same time look very stylish. You need to have sense of colour combination to be in vogue.

Assign names of style icons from the following domains

  • Bollywood: Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and John Abraham
  • Hollywood: Brad Pitt
  • Sports: Virat Kohli and myself
  • Business: Ratan Tata
  • Politics: Narendra Modi

Are you fond of designer wear or high-street dressing or is it a mix of both jboss 6? Do tell us about your favourite shopping destination?
I like wearing everything. Any good stuff will do. Primarily, it should be of good quality 감옥탈출 리마스터 다운로드. I love wearing both designer
wear and also high-street brands. Oxford Street in London is my favourite shopping destination.

You never leave your home without…
Without my favourite clothes realtek 오디오 드라이버 다운로드. I can leave other stuff but my clothes have to be with me wherever I go.

What are the three mandatory things a man’s wardrobe must possess Download the Android webview image?
Blue jeans, white shirt and semi-formal shoes.

You are now associated with a Swiss luxury watch brand, Corum 파크라이3 다운로드. How did it come about?
Like every man, I am fond of ‘watches’. Today, a watch is not merely a ‘timepiece’ but a reflection of one’s personality and lifestyle Download Acrobet. A watch has been a part of my life since my childhood. I have witnessed the vast development in the technology. The watches today are far more advanced. They are more accurate and equipped with much better features Jane Doe. I remember the early days, how a watch was considered as just a ‘time showing’ object. Today, it’s one of the most fascinating gadgets for men draw.io 다운로드. The technology, craftsmanship and other characteristics has strengthened my interest in watches. Needless to say, today watches have made life simpler and accurate, especially with hectic travelling schedules.

Corum watches are very classic and robust in their design and that’s what I like them. I personally don’t like a lot of bling and Corum dials, bezels are made just perfectly for my taste. The brand also has a strong history and their entire collection has a strong inspiration from their DNA. The Admirals Cup collection is a perfect fit for a sportsman like me. The Golden Bridge collection is pure craftsmanship at its best.

Do you have any favourite Corum watch?
Yes, my latest possession—it’s called Admiral’s Cup AC One 45 Titanium and Gold. It’s a gold watch and very lovely.

Here are couple of rapid fire questions:

  • Favourite restaurant in the world: Bukhara in India
  • A movie you can see again and again: Sholay
  • Favourite wheels: Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Vogue
  • Most scenic drive in the world: The Himalayas
  • Favourite cricket match of your life: My test cricket debut
  • Favourite filmstar: Aamir Khan
  • A holiday destination: Australia
  • Favourite airline: Emirates
  • Favourite airport: Dubai