We represent pure & uncluttered beauty: Laurent Ferrier

We represent pure & uncluttered beauty: Laurent Ferrier

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ferrierHaving set up a meeting before hand I had arrived armed with questions for watchmaker Laurent Ferrier at the SIHH where the eponymous brand was showcasing. Told that he doesn’t speak anything but French I had to take the recourse of an email interaction with him. Excerpts from the interview with Ferrier by Hiren Kumar Bose 

You debuted at the BaselWorld in 2010 after having worked with Patek Philippe for over three decades 신비한동물들과 그린델왈드의 범죄 다운로드. It was the same year your Galet Classic Double Balance Spring Tourbillon won at the GPHG 2010. Ever since then Laurent Ferrier though a small brand has become a much sought after among collectors due to its classic creations. Do you ascribe all this attention to your watches is due to “return to fundamentals” of watchmaking? That bring me to the inevitable: What do you think is the personality Laurent Ferrier, the brand 공제신고서 다운로드?

My initial intention was to design a piece that a watchmaker would love to wear. This is how the Galet Classic was born. Watches are for me a form of elegance and harmony in an object which is paramount to craftsmanship and refinement. We strive to rethink the fundamentals of traditional watchmaking to perpetuate the exceptional nature of Swiss horology. In a highly competitive environment where originality and frenzy designs are particularly sought after, it is essential to remain consistent and persistent Download the Atlan map. I nurtured a dream of making watches that represent my horological values: simplicity, precision and pure, uncluttered beauty.

We have heard a lot about the watch you made for ‘Only Watch 2015’ auction. Do share some details about it.

This watch was born from the idea of putting SuperLuminova on a watch to make it legible in the dark as we had a small demand from our markets Download the directx 12 sdk. Our Galet Classics have very slim hands that would not be suitable for SuperLuminova, and so for this piece we redesigned the hands into a broader configuration with central depressions that could be filled with luminescent coating, and thought carefully about the dial design. The result was inspired by car dashboard instruments, and by 1930s Art Deco watch design. Guided by Aurel Bacs we decided to present an exclusive sector dial for the Only Watch 2015 auction 나츠메 우인장 다운로드.

gaklet secret
Galet Secret

It has been my first encounter to your creations and let me admit that I was taken in by the ingenuity of Galet Secret; the precision of Tourbillon Double Spiral calibre which has a mere three-second daily variation in rate; and the beauty of Traveller Night Blue. Do tell us more about these exceptional pieces.

The Galet Secret Tourbillon Double Spiral was, in fact, the first idea we developed at the beginning of the company 아빠와나 다운로드. But we decided to release first the Galet Classic Tourbillon Double Spiral. For SIHH 2016, we decided to showcase a Galet Secret Tourbillon showing a new technique for this bespoke piece: a dial that can be painted on canvas allowing all kind of customised projects. The Galet Traveller Night Blue has a new centre with a globe featuring the planet in a night sky. For this piece, the sapphire is more convex to provide even more volume to the globe and I was looking to do something more discreet, less colourful and with more volume 셰이프 다운로드.

Galet Traveller Globe
Galet Traveller Globe

I’m told that you’ve only 15 people who work in your Manufacture and if you’ve a tourbillion or a micro rotor to be made it the sole responsibility of one individual. Why this demand for superlative standards of craftsmanship and finishing?

Details are not regarded as things that are less visible or of lesser importance; they are on the contrary the aspects that will make all the difference full collection of MCThe Max. Each watchmaker is given the time to make the watch by hand, making its own tools to prepare every single component and decorate. Beveling the angle of the springs or bridges; hand-polishing with diamond powder; assembling and adjusting every single part one after another until the final setting of the movement and the quality control achieved.  This gives an added and special soul to every single Laurent Ferrier watch.

What do you think are the merits of being an independent watchmaker 몬타워즈 다운로드?

It’s once in a lifetime chance to create a watch from scratch freely without any kind of constraints. It is really a watchmaking dream. My first idea was to create the “perfect” watch for myself. So it was logical to be a true “manufacture” and the main advantage is that the House is independent 히든 피겨스 자막 다운로드. The company takes the gamble of developing its own calibres as part of a determination to maintain independence. As an independent watch brand we can afford to pursue long-term goals with strong concepts. Our choices of having our own movements with a high grade of technological content and at the same time hand-made state-of-art quality of finishing of the components, limits by itself the potential quantities that we can manufacture.

Your watches are available in the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Dubai, Taiwan and Macau. When do you plan to make them available in India?

Vanessa Monestel, CEO of Laurent Ferrier: We expect 2016 to open new perspectives notably because Laurent Ferrier is still young and has a lot to conquer. We celebrated our fifth anniversary in 2015 so we believe a lot of potential customers actually don’t know our pieces yet. We still have a lot of work to do to increase awareness globally, and hopefully will find the right partner to represent the brand in India soon!