VACHERON CONSTANTIN Presents Astronomical Timepieces in Beijing

VACHERON CONSTANTIN Presents Astronomical Timepieces in Beijing

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Vacheron Constantin celebrated the feat of the brand’s celestial mechanics by presenting an immersive astronomy night at Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing recently. Astronomy and horology are closely bound together and represent the very foundations of time measurement. From the 19th century to the present day, the history of astronomical complications at Vacheron Constantin has been punctuated by a longstanding tradition of horological expertise. As a tribute to the astronomical timepieces in the various collections of the manufacture, Vacheron Constantin transformed Minsheng Art Museum into a celestial wonder for over 200 VIP guests and press from China.

Making astronomical watches is like a dialogue between the infinitely large and the infinitely small, i.e., a dialogue between the vast celestial existence and mechanical miniatures, making watches like a mirror, indicating the rotation time of heavenly bodies. Vacheron Constantin presented a full-faceted gallery via images, objects and interactions to demonstrate its astronomical prowess in watchmaking. Wandering in the wonderland of the astronomical gallery, guests were visually pleased by the imagery strengths: three displays stand of historical astronomical timepieces which have marked the Maison heritage, along with the images of the stunning lifestyle moments of wearing a Vacheron Constantin astronomical timepiece in daily life.

Topped with a sky chart of Geneva in 1755 reckoned by Paris Observatory, the astronomical booth is a showcase of astronomical functions, a perfection demonstration of the century-long watchmaking prowess of Vacheron Constantin. Solar, lunar, earth, and sidereal, these four essential elements, which can be reflected and traced in mechanical timepieces as functions of civil time, solar time, sidereal time, moon phases, perpetual and annual calendar, were depicted into projections of an immersive colour ambience. It inherently connects with the concept and spirit that astronomical timepieces boast to achieve – celestial mechanics. To make the celestial experience a memory, four element booths were located in the four corners of the gallery for guests’ photo taking in a vast and immersive background respectively of the solar, the lunar, the earth and the sidereal, creating a unique moment for all. The night experience was more exalted by the celebration gala dinner.

Guests entered the dinner area by walking through a time tunnel: with the magic of light and mirror, the senses were mesmerized in a universe of abyss blue to feel the boundlessness within the space. The gala dinner was lit up by the grand hologram stage of nebula, surrounded by dining tables in a form of star trails.

During the dinner, Christian Selmoni, Style and Heritage Director of Vacheron Constantin, presented the manufacturer’s latest astronomical novelties – Métiers d’Art Copernicus Celestial Spheres 2460 RT – in a larger-than-life hologram manner. The finale came with a hologram dance show called Cosmo, an artistic bond between universe and styling, heightening the grand event to the maximum.

After the grand launch, the Astronomy tour exhibition will make its debut in Shanghai and continue travelling to Chengdu, Shenzhen and Shenyang, inviting Chinese watch lovers and connoisseurs to explore the greatness of Vacheron Constantin’s over 260 years of brilliant history and mastery of the astronomical watchmaking.