URWERK Watch Auctioned to Raise Funds for Haiti Children

URWERK Watch Auctioned to Raise Funds for Haiti Children

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The Urwerk UR-110 RG watch worn by Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming   brought the hammer down at 150,000 Swiss francs at the Phillips, Bacs & Russo auction. The sale deeds will benefit the activities of Manusodany organisation which mainly promotes literacy among children in Haiti.
The watch in the movie wasn’t just part of the actor’s wardrobe, it was one of the many gadgets used throughout the film by its characters. A  fan of  Urwerk, Downey personally identified the UR- 110 RG as a perfect fit for the genius billionaire-turned-superhero.

A few months before filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, Downey asked the film’s costume department to source a UR-110 rose gold – in the colours  of  Iron Man. A call was placed to source the watch for the duration of the film shoot but URWERK originally turned down the studio’s offer, suspecting a prank call.

Their positions changed quickly when they heard Downey had asked for the watch personally. Weeks later, the company’s press manager flew from Geneva to Pinewood Studios in Atlanta to hand-deliver a brand new UR-110 RG.

“It’s just one of those unexpected stories that make life such a thrill,” said Urwerk CEO, Felix Baumgartner. “With my team, we often give our watches nicknames. Blade Runner and Godzilla are both names we use internally for some of our watches but nothing really stuck to the UR-110 until we received this unbelievable proposition. Our UR-110 on the wrist of  Tony Stark! That’s exactly the kind of person we wanted for this watch, but he’s the one who founds us!”

Robert   Downey Jr wore the watch throughout the shooting of the film before returning it to Urwerk. The watch is featured regularly on Tony Stark’s wrist, and in one particular scene, is used as a functional gadget for Iron Man. The watchmaker was so pleased by the outcome of the project that it made a second, identical model in rose gold, and presented it to Downey.

Meanwhile, the actor and the watchmaker began discussing the fate of the Iron Man watch and eventually decided to give the public an opportunity to acquire the superhero’s watch, featured in one of the most popular movies of the past decade, to help raise funds for Manusodany, a non-profit organization involved in development projects for disadvantaged children in Haiti.