Top 10 Watches 2008

Top 10 Watches 2008

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For men, watches are the No.1 accessory because they encapsulate coveted masculine attributes: namely style, engineering and status 법무사 기출문제 다운로드. For women, it is all about femininity, design and beauty.  Here is our choice for 2008



C1 Tourbillon Gravity

Watchmaking’s Free Spirit

The ambassador of a new generation ofTwatches, the C1 Tourbillon Gravity thrusts Concord into the era of innovation and a firmly futuristic approach 데몬버디 다운로드. The C1 Tourbillon Gravity is astounding in more than one way. A tourbillon disconnected from the case, an unusual seconds indication, a flyback chronograph, a trust index display: this whole range of specific features symbolise the audacity of a brand that reinvented itself just one year ago killer formula.

The sturdiness, originality and overall equilibrium characterising the construction of the C1 Tourbillon Gravity testify to the talent of the creative minds behind it Olece neo download. Developed in close cooperation with BNB Concept, this timepiece was conceived, elaborated and assembled in twelve months. The design, created by Blade Design, portrays the engineering of the timepiece in an unexpected, daring and cutting-edge stage-setting google maps images.

The first challenge was to create a tourbillon watch, but without placing the tourbillon inside the watch. Concord build its tourbillon according to an orthogonal mechanical concept QuickTime player. The vertical device is immediately visible on the wrist, radiating an authoritative and almost martial stature.

The second challenge is a rebellious seconds display that goes its own way Download The Burning Hell of The Kingdom of Sindynasty. The luminescent seconds appear through an open window on the side of the tourbillon carriage, and since the latter is vertical, are perfectly visible on the face of the watch 무료 게임 다운로드.

The third challenge lay in optimised technical sophistication and an irreverent design. The majestic C1 Tourbillon Gravity makes an authoritative statement in a case measuring 48.5mm in diameter and 18.5mm thick 티아포탈 다운로드. The machined metal face of the C1 Tourbillon Gravity adopts Concord’s hallmark layered construction. Its construction, now a Concord brand signature, features excellent shock absorbing properties and exceptional sturdiness 투하트1 다운로드. The C1 Tourbillon Gravity, issued in a limited edition of 25, embodies Concord’s audacity and creative energy.


Reine De Naples 8958 Cammea

 Shell Sculpture 

Breguet’s timepieces mark time with their Boutstanding technical ability that is associated with the brand’s finest hours for more than 230 years. A unique piece, the Reine de Naples Cammea watch honours the craft tradition of cameo work, the world capital of which, Torre del Greco, is located in the region of Naples.

The cameo dial of the Reine de Naples 8958 – a world first – is a true miniature sculpted on shell. The hours and minutes hands, off-centre at 6 o’clock, seem intent on vanishing discreetly from the stage so as to leave all the glory to the art of the cameo. The case in white gold set with diamonds protects the delicacy of the relief beneath a sapphire-crystal glass. Its transparent back reveals a gold winding rotor engine-turned by hand and inlaid with natural mother-of-pearl. The watch is presented on a chocolate-coloured strap in alligator leather with a diamond-set folding clasp. And it is water resistant to 30 metres.

A work of engraving in high relief on materials having strata of contrasting colours, the cameo is one of the world’s most amazing craft activities where the frontiers with art are extremely fine. Originally done on such hardstones as sard or cornelian, cameos are also produced on shells. Using a simple steel stylus, the craftsman works on the different layers of shell to a depth of hardly two millimetres, creating a sculpture of uncommon delicacy. To achieve this he selects and examines with care the hues, the stratification, the perspectives, the gradations and the total effect of transparency inherent in the shell.

Montres Breguet honours this artistic vocation.