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Romain Mazzilli, senior watch trainer, Zenith Watches reveals his wish list for the Christophe Colomb to Mitrajit Bhattacharya

How has been the journey as a watchmaker Download the cache video?
I left school in 1994 right at the time when the watchmaking industry was very good. I got the chance to work for Franck Muller. I was the seventh watchmaker of Franck Muller wci 다운로드. We were doing 1,500 watches a year. Then, I travelled to New Zealand. In Australia, I worked for Jaeger LeCoulture’s service centre. I stayed with Jaeger LeCoulture for two more years and there I really learnt to repair watches subtitles for Iron Man 3. I took a course to be a trainer and trained with Antoine Simonin. I did the Wostep training when I was already employed by Jaeger and we set up a network of watchmakers 려권내라우 다운로드.

When did you move to Zenith?
I moved to Zenith to build the whole training department. When you train, you also take care of the tools and other technical documentation words of the lips.

Take us through the journey of Christophe Colomb and the complications which were added on to the base model.
The first Christophe Colomb was called Zero-G at the beginning water lilies. We thought it made more sense for this device that looked a bit like a marine chronometer to be a Christophe Colomb watch, especially with this crystal that showed characteristics of the gyroscopic age 오토캐드 2018 한글 다운로드. We always have ideas to improve the principle and the process. After two versions of normal Christophe Colomb, we did the Equation of Time. We thought it was a function, which did make sense King of Fighters 2002. Then we decided to go with the fusee-chain. It is a device that would give constant force to the train wheel. A device that is always in the same position gives the movement high precision 족구왕 다운로드. There were 185 components in the fusee-chain itself. Every single watch is basically different for the customer and the fusee-chain made for a device that is very, very precise Katia Drawings. May be in the future, we can add some more functionality.

What is your wish list?
We could add, maybe, a different display of the power reserve. We will also try to have a moon device, a calendar device. If something is complementary, if it makes sense, we try it. Technically, many things are possible, but we haven’t decided on anything yet.

How many watchmakers at Zenith work on the Christophe Colomb? Is there a dedicated team?
There are two watchmakers.One guy from the prototype department, who assembles the first few watches. Once the prototype process is finalised, we assemble the first few watches. He passes on this knowledge, so that he can continue to improve the same product or do something else. We have another watchmaker trained to do the watch from A to Z.

Overall how many references do you have now of Christophe Colomb?
In terms of references, we have six. Fifteen patents and two more soon with the new one.