The Second Watch

The Second Watch

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Born 30 years ago, Swatch watches have gained popularity, thanks to their brilliant mix of technology and great pricing 펜글씨 교본 다운로드. The brand’s debut showcase at Baselworld this year was the perfect time for us to saunter down its memory lane

The first Swatch was a technological marvel, an unprecedented achievement in watchmaking 오늘부터 1일 다운로드. Who would have thought a plastic watch possible? It was inconceivable, and yet there it was. In the three decades since, Swatch has remained at the cutting edge as advancing science and technology have made new products and features possible Dragon Taming. Swatch .beat, for example, brought digital displays and a new way of looking at time (Internet Time). Swatch was one of the first to use touch-screen technologies, and even made pagers and telephones 안철수 무료 백신 다운로드. New Swatch product lines (Skin, Scuba, Irony, Diaphane…) took science and technology from the lab to the wrist, brought chronograph and automatic movements, transparent plastic dials and cases, and all kinds of new faces and functions magic english plus 다운로드.

A giant Swatch at the Frankfurt office

The watch that changed the world was born 30 years ago smart switch pc 다운로드. On March 1, 1983, the first 12 models made their debut in Zürich, Switzerland. Initially the price ranged from CHF 39.90 to CHF 49.90 but was standardised to CHF 50.00 in the autumn of that year redhat 9.0 다운로드. Looking back now, they seem unlikely heroes, but events soon revealed their true identity: they were the avant-garde, the shock troops of a revolution named Swatch 카카오톡 브라우저 파일 다운로드. Today, after three decades of sly wit, audacious innovation, playful provocation and inexhaustible joie de vivre, Swatch has every reason to celebrate daum vod player. Those first 12 watches from 1983 have been followed by millions. Compared to conventional watches, a Swatch was 80 per cent cheaper to produce by fully automating assembly and reducing the number of parts from the usual 91 or more to only 51 components 스타 파이썬 다운로드.

The brand’s largest billboard stands in front of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris

It all began with the radical rethinking of watch design and construction that made Swatch possible. The name ‘Swatch’ is a contraction of ‘Second Watch’—coined by Nichole Lopez because the new watch was introduced with a new concept of watches as casual, fun, and relatively disposable accessories.

Before Swatch, Swiss watches contained more than 90 components, often many more, and were made by hand by skilled craftsmen. A Swatch was a Swissmade, high-quality timepiece, too, but was made with only 51 components assembled on a high-tech production line. This was the famous ‘Revolution 51’.

A colourful collection of Swatch watches

Sales targets were set to one million timepieces for 1983 and 2.5 million the year after. With an aggressive marketing campaign and a very reasonable price for a Swiss-made watch, it gained instant popularity in its home market.


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