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The Midas Touch

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Modern, trendy, wearable gold jewellery, used more as a fashion accessory, has got the lure back to the metal. Surekha Kadapa-Bose

A trendy jewellery set from Amrapali

So what if bullion prices have gone through the roof? The popularity of the precious yellow metal hasn’t soured at all. This Deepavali, fans of gold jewellery showed their everlasting faith by going ahead and buying them, even if it was in small quantities. The lustre of gold doesn’t seem to fade, ever since the days of the Incas. In fact, its popularity seems to be increasing with each passing day.

A model in Amrapali creations


Earlier, buying gold was looked upon as solid investment. As a result, it came to be called ‘streedhan’ (a woman’s treasure in dire times). But today, women are acquiring gold ornaments in order to flaunt the creativity that goes into them. Jewellery designers feel that in tricately designed pieces get picked up by discerning

buyers.“Gold is not only very beautiful, but also timeless. It is also an excellent investment, especially in today’s recessionary times. We have buyers from all age groups. It’s true that people are going back to buying gold, but they are opting for combination jewellery, such as gold embedded with wood, glass and precious and semi-precious stones. Besides, they’re opting for lighter sets and more trendy, regular, wearable pieces,’’ explains Vandana Sarawgi of Amrapali Jewellers of Mumbai.

Pendant from Tanishq

Bangalore-based Sangeeta Deewan, who heads the Tansihq Design Studio, says, “Gold never really lost its popularity. Today white gold has become more popular than yellow gold, as customers are tired of wearing the same old traditional pieces. But now designers like us have started creating good looking and trendier yellow gold jewellery which has got us back more customers, including the hip-hop collegians and young working women.’’

Today’s designers understand the need to craft the material in such a way as to suit the modern attire of women. “Women today use gold jewellery as a fashion accessory and not as a mere possession or display of wealth. Therefore, the traditional jewellery market is changing into a trendy one,’’ comments Varuna D. Jani, couture jewellery designer from Mumbai.

A ring from Rupali Gupta’s Collection


In fact, highly fashionable gold jewellery, if not embedded with precious stones or enamel-painted motif, has textured, matt, brush or scratch-finish, making the pieces that much more trendier. Festive, bridal or celebration gold jewellery these days have a dull finish instead of the brilliant shine that was popular a decade ago. Designers are of the opinion that this transformation has taken place in ornaments, thanks to the apparel – shining zari embroidery, crystal and zardosi embellishments, etc – becoming more showy. Interestingly, the old motifs are returning with a slight change and fusion designing.

“Lot of options are available in jewellery today as women are experimenting with their appearance. We at Tanishq offer different collections to different segments of clientele – blush collections are for low-cost products, electroformed collections are extremely light weight, while classic and timeless jewellery collection is for older and richer women,’’ points out Sangeeta, dwelling on the vast array of jewellery products available in the market.

A flexible pearl bracelet from Varuna D. Jani

As youngsters take to gold ornaments, designers too are coming out with stylish and bold designs. “The 18 to 25 age group prefers big and bold rings and earrings. Jewellery today is being designed keeping them in mind,’’ informs Vandana.

Looking good with a piece of jewellery on the neck or on the ear lobe is important. Says Rupali Gupta of Mumbai’s Hitchhiker Design, “Today’s women are very sensible. When they buy gold, they do so because they want to look good in it. Women enjoy gold jewellery and that is how it should be.’’


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