The Dragon is a unique piece

The Dragon is a unique piece

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Jean-Marc Jacot, CEO Parmigiani Fleurier, talks to  Mitrajit Bhattacharya on the Dragon Automation Clock and his vision for the brand.

Jean-Marc Jacot, CEO Parmigiani Fleurier

What’s the latest with the brand?
We have opened five subsidiaries recently – in Hong Kong, Miami, Moscow and one each at Italy and Germany. We plan to open one in Brazil and London as well in 2012.

What is your vision for the brand?
We are trying to make the watch and company popular. You can make the brand popular through events, and not merely through the product.The product might help people dream of something and may have aspirational value. But the popularity comes from events. So we continue with the Montreau Jazz Festival and Hot Air Balloon Festival.

We want to take jazz to various countries. In November 2011 we did something in New York with Apollo Theater and the Foundation of America. As regards the Balloon Festival, we are designing a new balloon this year. We will fly over different countries. I would like to come to India as well.

We have also signed a contract with the Brazilian Football Association to be their main partner.

Do take us through your product range?
We have all kinds of watches, from the Perpetual Calendar to the unlimited. We also have unique products like the Hegirian Calendar and the Dragon Automation Clock.

The Dragon is a very unique piece. We wanted to do something for the Chinese market. It made sense to come out with the Dragon Clock since   it is the Year of the Dragon in China.

Similarly, last year we celebrated Muslim culture with the Hegirian Clock. We might celebrate the Indian culture too.

Maybe you could work on an idea around Aryabhatta who is the inventor of zero?
If you have any good idea, please come to us. It’s nice for the promotion of the brand.

How is the Annual Calendar doing?
For us it’s a big challenge to organise, develop, and realise this piece. With just half the price of a Perpetual Calendar, the Annual Calendar is an affordable piece. It’s about 33,000 CHF and is doing really well.