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Opus Tale Mitrajit Bhattacharya unravels the Opus X in conversation with watchmaker Jean-Francois Mojon (right) and Head of Production, Harry Winston, Didier Decker (left)

   If I am not mistaken, the rule governing the Opus is that there is no rule?
DD: That’s right. It’s just that willingness and wish to make something with somebody that we love, we like, and appreciate webcam driver. It’s about partnership, craftsmanship and good relationship with a watchmaker or a watch engineer. So sometimes, like last year for example, it was quite a simple watch, technically speaking, because the movement was quite simple.

This year, it’s just the opposite. Maybe you don’t have the same ‘wow’ effect, but once you see the watch working, it will have the same ‘wow’ effect Winnings 2013 Download. It is very elegant and beautiful. Instantly you can make out that this is a very technical watch. For the 10th anniversary we wanted to create something technically interesting and different with a totally new movement, designed only for this watch.

So, what Jean-Francois Mojon did is that he decided to think about time and the rotation of time, which is quite classical, because time has always been expressed in a circular way, but within that circular way, he thought about it in a different circular way 영화 킹스맨 다운로드. So, what you have here is a double time zone; the first time zone is a 24-hour one, indicated by the small yellow hour HW logo, and you have another time zone on 12 hours, the minutes, and the seconds. When you set the watch, you have absolutely everything moving at the same time. It is called a planetary gear and you have 172 moving pieces, all rotating at the same time 12 Soldiers!

What were the technical challenges you faced while putting it in place?
Technically, everything is linked to what we call the central solar wheel. On top of the primary planetary gear, for every dial you have a secondary planetary gear that makes the opposite rotation at the same time, so that all the dials remain oriented to the face 서울대 소프트웨어 다운로드. When you set the second time zone, it’s even more impressive because you really see how it works and how it is turning in 24 hours around the central solar wheel.

Jean-Francois Mojon is a person we’ve worked with for many years. Jean-Francois came up with this great idea. So, I will let him introduce himself 키친 플래너 다운로드.

JM: It’s nice to meet you. After studying engineering, I joined the Swatch Group and later, IWC, where I was in charge of quality and development. I founded my company five years back.

When did you approach Harry Winston for Opus X?
Almost 18 months back. The inspiration for Opus was the movement of the earth’s rotation National Music Broadcasting. We also have planets here; hours, minutes, and seconds are the planetary gear train. All indications are placed on the frame. At the back we also have a planetary gear train for the power reserve.

I think it’s a fantastic power reserve and the red one has a linear movement.
Yes, exactly linear; a straight line.

Is it for the first time 트래블러 1화 다운로드?
I think it’s the first time in a watch. I was always fascinated by the kinematics, the mechanical possibility with planetary gear train.

Does this watch use two barrels?
No, there is just one barrel. It has a 72-hour power reserve, which is pretty good.

How would you describe the designing of the Opus, apart from its technical aspects farpoint spread?
DD: It is teamwork. It is a bit frustrating to put just one name on the watch every year. So, last year we went ahead with two names. But we do not want to repeat that every year either. Moreover, here we are talking about a team of designers. During these 18 months, we have met almost every week for development sessions Download the certificate. Just to give you an example, the design of the hands took us more than two weeks because it had to be in keeping with the spirit of the watch. We had over 50 different designs.

Is there any similarity between the Opus X and Ulysse Nardin’s Freak?
Not at all. With the Freak, the balance is on the frame and the movement is moving, whereas here the movement is fixed.