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Deriving inspiration from planetary movements, the Opus X is designed to reflect the celestial mechanics of the solar system. By Hiren Kumar Bose

Opus X


What makes Opus X stand out from its earlier avatars is the elegant complexity of its design and the sheer wearability of its shape and style webcam driver. Precisely a watch, which though technically avant-garde, can still be worn  with a suit.

For almost 10 years, Harry Winston has been attracting exciting talent from the watch industry to ensure that new developments from the brand always earn attention. Thanks to Opus Collection’s limited edition – 100 each – it has become a favourite among watch collectors worldwide.

In 2001, Harry Winston launched The Opus Series – a creative new initiative designed to reconstruct and redesign time Winnings 2013 Download. By partnering with the industry’s most revered independent watch makers, each Opus reflects an unprecedented journey of collaboration and innovation, resulting in a groundbreaking timepiece that neither partner could have imagined alone.

Technical innovation is impeccably reengineered and refined in the Opus Collection. Crafted in the finest materials, timepiece technologies are explored to the extreme to create an innovative and abstract expression of time 영화 킹스맨 다운로드. Talented watchmaker Jean-Francois Mojon has designed the 10th anniversary Harry Winston Opus X.

A close up of the dial

Introduced to the watchmaking trade by his father, who worked in the technical watch business, Mojon joined the industry, working on research and development of movements and new complications for several international timepiece brands, including the Swatch Group and IWC. In fact, Google Mojon, and you’re likely to come across him as a patent holder of “detent escapement for a timepiece”. In 2005, Mojon began his own company, Chronode SA in Le Locle, Switzerland, specialising in the development of high complication movements 12 Soldiers.

Like most Harry Winston Opus watches, just seeing Opus X without its animated operation is just half the fun. Watch it perform and you’re likely to be excited about the timepiece.

Inspired by planetary movements and the space-time continuum, Opus X captures the shape and dimensionality of time through the synchronous rotation of circular motions 서울대 소프트웨어 다운로드. Imagine for an instant that the entire watch dial as well as the hands are in constant motion. Different parts move at different speeds, just like a planetary system with moons. Replacing a traditional fixed dial and watch hands, time is displayed as a system of rotating indicators mounted on a revolving frame. Presenting a new technical challenge, as the frame completes a full rotation, the dials of each indicator turn in the opposite direction, ensuring orientation remains constant in any position 키친 플래너 다운로드.

Transparent back of the Opus X

Recalling the celestial mechanics of the solar system, the hand-wound mechanical movement functions as a planetary gear train, consisting of solar wheel, satellite wheels, and frame. The indicators for hours, minutes, seconds, and secondary timezone, are set on the individual satellite wheels, which orbit around the central, solar wheel National Music Broadcasting. Each indicator is set at a slight incline, allowing the dials to follow the curvature of the case, while ensuring fluidity in rotation. The frame is driven separately to complete a full rotation in 24-hours.

Creating coherency throughout the design, the 72-hour power reserve operates as special planetary gear train, in which the diameter of the satellite wheel equals the radius of the crown wheel, resulting in a linear indication 트래블러 1화 다운로드. Balance regulation and chamfered bridges enhance the stability and functionality of the power reserve. A transparent backing shows the geometric precision and beautiful finishing of the movement.

Modern and pure, the 46mm white gold case is designed without a bezel, adding light and transparency to the design. Attached directly to the case, the rounded sapphire crystal enhances the overall visibility of the dial animation farpoint spread. In the collaborative tradition of Opus, the names of both partners – Harry Winston and watch engineer Jean-Francois Mojon – are marked on the bottom of the case.

Pushing the innovative extremes and challenging the perceptions of time, the resulting design is a groundbreaking accomplishment that is the essence of the Opus Series Download the certificate.