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Coming up with out-of-the-box designs, Scott creates an amazing collection of Swatch watches

Swatch Punk

His designs are typically bold, witty, provocative and stylish – echoing the same exuberant qualities for which Jeremy Scott’s eponymous fashion creations are internationally famed. Swatch has teamed up with the American designer to create a range of five new watches which are Scott’s latest timepiece designs.Continuing Swatch’s proud legacy of working alongside leading lights from the frontiers of fashion, these timepieces demand attention, ensuring that anyone who wears them stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

This exciting venture follows up Scott’s previous very successful collaboration with Swatch, back in March 2011,when he unleashed three unique watch designs. Scott’s designs are an example of lowbrow culture transformed into high art. Often more conceptual than wearable, the designs change drastically every season with the evolution of Scott’s whimsy. His watch collection for Fall 2011 collection includes four new and original models: a swatchstyle safari with leopard print, a double-dial that recalls X-ray glasses, pasando, a clock with a Baroque painting and a heart shaped pocket watch. Scott combines a keen awareness of fashion history with an ironic grasp of pop culture’s excess. His design inspirations and reference points can range from fast food to cartoon with an ironic grasp of pop culture’s excess. His design inspirations and reference points can range from fast food to cartoon characters, while his exciting use of print further confirms a talent for mixing avantgarde sensibilities and a pop aesthetic within high fashion and street-wear. This celebratory approach to fashion enables Scott’s designs to consistently succeed upon the catwalks as well as within the wider world. His unique designs have garnered him a wide-ranging fanbase from the world famous pop stars he dresses to his enthusiastic devotees who wear his clothes everyday, all of whom are in thrall to Scott’s uncompromising and iconoclastic approach to fashion.

Scott has created five amazing pieces for Swatch: Melted Minutes (GZ261), Swatch Portrait (SUOZ121), Swatch Punk (GZ251), Double Vision (GZ252) and Hypnotic Heart (MX001S), limited and numbered edition of 777.

Melted Minutes features a transparent plastic dial, created with an amusing ‘melted’ visual effect. Its quirky appearance makes it a must for anyone who likes to take a slightly surreal approach to timekeeping.

The Swatch Portrait watch plays host to a solid black plastic dial adorned with a stylised sketch of Jeremy Scott printed upon the glass. A stunning silver picture frame case guard further indicates the distinctive and desirable nature of this timepiece.

A fabulous blast of colour and ultra-cool kitsch, the Swatch Punk boasts an in-your-face solid green dial with black hands and is contrasted by silicone strap with printed leopard patterns and six bold yellow loops, which wraps twice around the wrist. Leopard patterns also feature on the plastic case for the watch, in order to make a truly fierce fashion statement.

Scott’s witty concept for the Double Vision Swatch offers twice the amount of fun. Boasting two red and white twirl-effect dials fixed on one black plastic strap – with the words ‘Xray Vision’ printed above them – this design is destined to keep everyone’s eyes firmly focused upon it. The Double Vision Swatch comes specially packaged with distinctive double watch cases, upon which ‘Xray Vision’ is boldly emblazoned.

A special edition, limited to only 777 pieces, the Hypnotic Heart creates a huge impact not only due to its attention-grabbing heart shape and its size – the special edition piece is a generous 12 cm wide – but also the various other details which make it so unique. For example, the black silk entwining necklace from which it stylishly hangs. Not to mention the vibrant red and white twirl-effect dial and roman numerals which, when combined with another continuous seconds counter within the main design, produces a striking effect.