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The Independent Swiss Watchmakers Fair , which set ticking in Geneva ,to make Mumbai their next destination. Hiren Kumar Bose

The Geneva Time Exhibition (GTE) or the Independent Swiss Watchmakers’ Fair began on January 17 at Geneva’s International Conference Centre in the heart of downtown, near the famed Place des Nations. The GTE is an effort by 38 smaller, independent watch brands to pool their resources to battle the global economic crisis and to present their products together in an atmosphere designed for firms that are not members of the major groups.

Sotheby’s, BMW, Laurent Perrier and Arasa Morelli were the official partners of this week-long event. The Fair’s success has reinforced GTE’s plans not just to repeat the experience in the coming year, but also to export their concept abroad. The first stop will be India, the darling nation of Swiss watch manufactures. The fair will be held in the commercial capital and called, the Mumbai Time Exhibition. The Manufactures represented were Ateliers Louis Moinet, Peter Tanisman, Saint Honoré Paris, Ladoire Gene`ve, Cecil Purnell, Clerc, Titanium Cargo, Robert & Fils 1630, Swiss Kubik and others.

President and CEO, Louis Moinet, Jean-Marie Schaller, and Micaela bartolucci with the Louis Moinet Meteoris

Atelier Louis Moinet, named after the one-time associate of Abraham- Louis Breguet, the father of tourbillon, unveiled four solar system-inspired tourbillon watches, each with its own genuine meteorite. The four watches unite to complete one-of-a-kind planetarium display, creating pièce de résistance for the ultimate watch collector. Together, the four Meteoris watches uniquely unite the most legendary meteorites and depict the solar system in spectacular fashion, with each watch featuring a unique authenticated meteorite and a beautiful design inspired by that meteorite’s history and/or origin. Who said you can’t own a piece of an asteroid?

Peter tanisman CEO, Philippe Dubois, with latest timepiece

The Black Pearl range from HD3 was another interesting watch. This bi-axial tourbillon, according to watchmaker Fabrice Gonet, is inspired by the wonderful era of pirates and buccaneers, to which he added the retro-futuristic steampunk style, so uniquely characteristic of Vulcania, a predecessor.

Ladoire Gene`ve is a forerunner among makers of luxury, avant-garde Swiss timepieces with complications.Under the Helvet Mechanic label, the brand has created RGT (Roller Guardian Time), an extraordinary timepiece, with its micro-rotor automatic winding calibre made by Ladoire Gene`ve itself.

Having been at the disposal of top watchmakers and jewellers for many years, Peter Tanisman has been creating his own timepieces since 2008. Peter Tanisman watches are unique timepieces, often embellished with dazzling jewels in the purest tradition of Swiss craftsmanship. Peter Tanisman’s designs, halfway between neoclassicism and modern/contemporary designs, display technical prowess and a finish close to perfection: the fruit of a perfect mastery of craftsmanship savoir-faire.

Another notable participant was Saint Honoré, synonymous with the world-famous ‘Paris-Style’ and has created collections of unrivalled design. Backed by ‘Swiss Made’ quality, a unique spirit, high-status materials and bold finishes, Saint Honoré offers watches, jewellery and accessories that reflect and interpret today’s desires.