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Silver Streak

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Suhani Pittie has designs on just one metal.No prizes for guessing it’s silver! 

Barely in her mid-20s, Suhani Pittie has already made a name in the international market. She is invited to retail her creations by the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. What is amazing is that Suhani doesn’t have designs on popular metals gold and platinum. She creates magic in textured silver jewellery.

“I love the metal! It’s amazing to see molten undulating silver take form. Well, technically speaking, it’s an extremely malleable and ductile metal and can take a whole plethora of colours with it,’’ says the young designer from Hyderabad.

Laughingly, she adds that for her designing happened by accident. “Design, honestly speaking, was not part of the plan. It happened purely by accident. I took some old silver from home, moulded it into a new shape, attached some clips and gave it to my mom-in-law. Next thing I knew, people were asking about it. Just to open an option, I participated in Bridal Asia 2004 with a collection of 50 pieces. I sold out and had triple the orders and my career in jewellery designing started,’’ says the designer, who has won several awards including the Singem Award for Excellence in the ‘Young Achiever’ category and was the finalist at the Young Fashion Entrepreneur’s Award ‘09 by the British Council. She has also made it to the lists of ‘Ten Women to Watch Out For’ and ‘30 Rising Stars of India’ by Elle magazine and to top it, she is the first jewellery artist from India to participate at the Miami Fashion Week. Suhani has worked with veteran artist Vaikuntum to convert his paintings into jewellery.

“My designs are absolutely for everybody! For example, my granny and my mom-in-law both wear it. My sister loves it and I wear nothing else! And trust me, people I have mentioned wear khadi saris to jackets to short skirts,” says the designer, extolling the virtues of silver jewellery.


  She agrees that in India silver jewellery is yet to get its due but in the international market it is a different scene altogether. “Western market sees silver the way it should be perceived – as a precious metal. They are ready to pay for the art in it. When the Museum of Arts and Design in New York bought my work, they displayed each piece in a special way, detailing even my thoughts while designing them. They connected to the emotion in the piece. They paid for the effort that went into it,” says the young designer.


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