SIHH˙14 Vignettes

SIHH˙14 Vignettes

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Ralph Lauren

• Its Flying Tourbillon takes its inspiration from the glamorous world of motorsports in general and one very special car in particular feed and grow 다운로드. That vehicle is the 1938 Type 57SC Bugatti Atlantic Coupe, a car owned by the fashion brands eponymous founder. To capture the spirit of the automobile, the designers at Ralph Lauren have used elm burlwood to create an outer dial, choosing the same wood as used on the Bugatti dashboard 잡코리아 앱 다운로드. And to prove that this is a horological wonder as well as a nicely themed watch, an aperture at 6’ o clock gives pride of place to a flying tourbillon that has been supported only at the bottom of the cage to make it appear as though suspended 가을아침 다운로드.

Greubel Forsey

• The young brands iconic dual time zone model is now available in platinum with the launch of the Greubel Forsey Platinum GMT Kakao game. The watch has all the complexities of its 2011 predecessor – precision movement, 24-second tourbillon with 25 degree inclination, 72-hour power reserve, and of course the signature constantly rotating globe time display 한솔아카데미 다운로드. The platinum edition has been created with a slightly smaller case, offering a new medium size of
43.5mm wide and 16.14mm high.



• The Manufacture introduced improved editions of its diver’s watches Split the video. The 2014 family of Aquatimer divers watches offers up a new protege in the form of the first watch within this line to offer a perpetual calendar movement 맥용 오피스 2019 다운로드. The IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar with Digital Date-Month fitted with proprietary movement 89801, and with a case diameter of 49mm is the secondlargest watch ever created by the brand (the 1940 Big Pilots Watch still holds on to first place).• Other highlights of the new Aquatimer lines include the use of bronze for the first time, the Aquatimer Deep Three with mechanical depth gauge and watches designed to honour the Charles Darwin Foundation, a scientific institution set up to promote and protect the ecology of the Galapagos Islands 아이폰 텍스트 다운로드. IWC - SIHH' 14