Showcase Vol.21

Showcase Vol.21

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Emergency II

How about a watch with a built-in PLB (personal locator beacon) Download All-In Poker? That’s what Breitling has done with Emergency II reaffirming its pioneering role in the field of technical watches and instruments for professionals by creating one Second Coming of Tamsik. The watch is a high-tech gem equipped with a dual frequency transmitter compliant with the specifications of the Cospas-Sarsat international satellite alert system and serving both to issue alerts and to guide search and rescue missions. The Emergency II is distinguished by numerous microelectronic and microtechnical innovations, including a revolutionary  rechargeable battery, a miniaturised dual frequency transmitter and an unprecedented integrated antenna system movie Big Short. As the first ever wristworn dual frequency PLB, it establishes itself as a safety and survival instrument in all distress situations on land, at sea and in the air html 한글 파일 다운로드. The watch is notably distinguished by its ingenious and extremely user-friendly integrated antenna system. Its two extendable antenna “sections” housed in the lower part of the watch, are manually deployed on each side of the case food images. One of the main challenges consisted in finding a miniaturised device serving to transmit alternately on the two frequencies, with the antenna length varying according to the wavelength Windows 10 Microsoft Download.


Chronofighter 1695 Lady Moon

The watch combines pure astronomy and graceful watchmaking SevenPoyu. With a luminous moon phase and highprecision quartz movement, this timepiece is an ode to femininity and refinement with the charming Graham touch high-body font. Women will look their best with the hypnotic power of the Chronofighter 1695 Lady Moon. What a style? The Chronofighter 1695 with the renowned start/stop lever adorned with a diamond (Ø1.20) to perfectly highlight the spirit of the sweet originality of the watch iPad Nateon. The flinqué decorated dial features four diamonds (Ø 1.30) set at quarter-hours. . Eye catching,  sophisticated and skilled, Graham provides independent and fearless women’ with a pure 36 mm moon phase timepiece The level of details is also increased on the case back, engraved with a floral motif inspired by the tapestry from British handcraftsman William Morris (19th c.). Enhanced with a glossy coloured lizard leather strap the Chronofighter 1695 Lady Moon is a gift we can all revel in. For the Anglo- Swiss brand the challenge is for technological innovation to serve active women expectations and create a true technical jewel.


Ti-Bridge Lady

Radiating its customary linearity and transparency, the famous Ti-Bridge by Corum introduces its first feminine model: the Ti-Bridge Lady. Held in place by four diamondset cross-bars, its horizontal baguette movement is exquisitely framed by an original white ceramic case, creating a subtle chemistry between the distinctive tonneau shape of the Bridges collection and an elegantly slender design. Loyal to the original horizontal baguette construction and titanium bridges, the movement is adorned with unprecedented decorations in the form of delicate undulating curves also picked up on the caseback. This masterful work is a virtuoso achievement in that the dimensions must be accurate to the nearest micron at the end of the firing process during which the volume of the ceramics shrinks by about one third. This monobloc construction
also entails fitting the movement on the display side rather than from the back. Playing with the transparency typical of creations in the Bridges collection, the Ti-Bridge Lady shines within a spectacular dial-free architecture. Whether diamondset or fashioned from mother-of-pearl and bearing numerals and hour-markers, the inner bezel ring instills an intense sense of depth, topped by the ceramic, gemset 5N 18kt gold or gemset steel bezel once the CO 007 calibre has been fitted.

Harry Winston

Premier Feathers

The latest creations is—touched again by the grace of the unique skill exercised by Nelly Saunier, a feather artist who tames feathers in such a way that they obey her creative purpose. Loyal to its vocation, Harry Winston wished to express itself in a unique register where poetry and sensuality merge to form an inseparable whole. Each of the three new models issued in limited production features a marquetry created with the feathers of a bird belonging to an authorised species and specifically bred for this purpose. In addition to extreme dexterity, this skill requires excellent perception of volumes and above all of colours. Each dial thus crafted composes a nocturnal motif in shades of sky blue, turquoise, or sapphire blue, revealed by a touch of immaculate white or deep purple. These stunning creations are framed by a 36mm-diameter 18ct white gold case set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds adorning the wrist in a flowing, sensual manner; while three iconic arches evoke the neoclassical façade of the Harry Winston flagship salon in New York City, and the diamond-set crown adds a further precious touch. This timepiece equipped with a quartz movement is teamed with a satin strap in a shade echoing the main dial colour.


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