Showcase vol.13

Showcase vol.13

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Type XXII 3880 ST

For the 60th anniversary of the first deliveries of the famed Type XX watches designed by Breguet in the 1950s for the French naval air arm, which this year is celebrating its first century of service, Breguet is introducing a contemporary, technically updated reinterpretation of that legendary chronograph, the Type XXII design 존도우 다운로드. Its stainless steel case, 44 mm across, houses a Breguet chronograph movement with silicon escapement and flat balance spring whose frequency has been raised to 10 Hertz, endowing the movement with exceptional regulating power, its chronograph seconds hand effecting a complete rotation in 30 seconds Download civil disobedience. The timepiece’s start function and readout are thus twice as precise.

At the heart of this technical exploit is the use of silicon, resulting in more lightweight mobile components and the avoidance of the lubrication problems generated by high frequencies 댄스가요 다운로드. An extra hand at centre, counts the minutes by adding together the 30-second spans. At 12 o’clock, a rectangular aperture in the dial displays a retrograding pointer that indicates whether the chronograph seconds hand is completing its first or its second 30-second revolution 응답하라 1988 6화 다운로드. The model comes fitted with an integrated alligator strap.