Showcase vol.13

Showcase vol.13

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Tourbillon Force Constante à Chaîne

DeWitt – Tourbillon Force

The Tourbillon Force Constante à Chaîne most
definitely belongs to the exclusive circle of highly
complicated masterpieces 존도우 다운로드. It combines 18-carat rose
gold with DeWitt’s emblematic chocolate-colour. By designing a system that relays energy to the powerreserve indicator, DeWitt has introduced a landmark innovation to the Tourbillon Force Constante Download civil disobedience. Rotating the crown when
winding the barrel-spring drives a miniature chain
consisting of 192 handcrafted elements, which uses an intermediate wheel to activate the powerreserve indicator sliding on a worm screw 댄스가요 다운로드. If the pointer is in the red zone,
the power-reserve is close to zero; when it is in the
green zone, it means the barrel-spring is sufficiently
wound 응답하라 1988 6화 다운로드. Dial openings reveal the complexity of
the mechanism and its various devices. The visual
harmony extends beyond mere mechanics. There is
a density and personality about this timepiece that
is truly exceptional 항공사진 다운로드.