RICHARD MILLE & Mclaren Launch Timepiece

RICHARD MILLE & Mclaren Launch Timepiece

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The RM 11-03 McLaren Automatic Flyback Chronograph, a jointly-commissioned timepiece by Richard Mille and McLaren Automotive was launched at the Geneva International Motor Show recently National Music Broadcasting.

Limited to just 500 pieces globally the watch will be made available initially mainly to McLaren Ultimate Series clients 트래블러 1화 다운로드. The RM 11-03 McLaren, created in close collaboration between McLaren Design Director Rob Melville and Richard Mille Engineer Fabrice Namura, has been in development since McLaren Automotive and Richard Mille partnered last year uniting a mutual interest in unique design, the use of new materials and modern craftsmanship farpoint spread.

“The idea was to take on a real technical challenge and come up with something other than a mere dial with an inscription, for example. I find the 720S designed by Rob Melville mesmerising beautiful, and we wanted to give the RM 11-03 McLaren curves that were similarly both aesthetic and functional,” says Namura Download the certificate.

These influences, as well as design cues borrowed from McLaren’s range of luxury sports and supercars, are reflected in this special timepiece 트위터 미디어 다운로드. The case of the RM 11-03 McLaren is made of Carbon TPT® interlaced with Orange Quartz TPT®, resulting in an extremely resistant and light-weight case while paying tribute to a colour that is synonymous with McLaren 아이패드 사파리에서 파일 다운로드. The Carbon TPT® enhances the mechanical performance of the RM 11-03 and offers resistance to harsh environments. The titanium pushers fitted to the Carbon TPT® case echo the design of the distinctive headlights of the McLaren 720S Download Assassin's Creed Identity. Titanium inserts, similar in shape to the iconic McLaren F1’s air-intake snorkel and bearing the McLaren logo, adorn the bezel. The complex grade 5 titanium crown is shaped like a McLaren lightweight wheel 노트북 절전모드 다운로드.

While the McLaren Speedmark logo is incorporated on the rubber strap specifically developed for this edition. Under the bonnet of the RM 11-03 beats the automatic RMAC3 calibre, first launched in 2016, with a flyback chronograph ready to literally race on the track 윈도우10 부트캠프 다운로드. The instant return of the counter to zero makes it possible to quickly restart the stopwatch function. Powered by two barrels mounted in parallel and a balance wheel with variable inertia, the movement has a 55-hour power reserve 안드로이드 5.1 롤리팝 다운로드. Barrel winding is ensured by a variable geometry rotor that enables personalised winding adjusted to the wearer’s activity level, further evidence of Richard Mille’s characteristic attentiveness. The fact that a race car’s chassis must always exhibit tremendous torque resistance while remaining light in weight inspired the brand, which adopted these requirements as its own in producing the baseplate and bridges for this calibre of PVD-treated grade 5 titanium to ensure the requisite stiffness and perfect functioning of the going train. The satin-finish grade 5 titanium upper bridge further accentuates the depth of the calibre, creating a visual trajectory around the annual calendar and oversized date as well as the 12-hour chronograph and countdown counters.