Pop Musician Eason Chan, ZENITH’S New Ambassador

Pop Musician Eason Chan, ZENITH’S New Ambassador

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Pop music legend Eason Chan is Zenith’s new celebrity ambassador. Known to the Chinese public as the “God of Songs”, Chan is a gifted high-achiever and once described by Time magazine as a legend with an impactful reputation and massive influence on local music. Chan’s skilful control of rhythm, tempo, pitch and emotion, coupled with his persistence in all endeavours, have resulted in a number of his classic hits winning major music awards. His architectural approach to his craft, along with an unmistakably urban appeal and a perpetually youthful ‘start-up spirit” are all entirely in tune with the contemporary Zenith attitude, according to a press release.
Zenith’s brand-new advertising campaign entitled “Into the Second” with Chan illustrates the partners’ shared commitment to innovation, dedication and passion The campaign provides a stunning interpretation of Chan’s musical focus, demonstrating attributes that are equally shared by Zenith with regard to watchmaking.

Commenting on the new partnership, Chief Executive Officer, Julien Tornare said: “We are delighted to welcome Eason Chan to the Zenith family. His talent and dedication to music perfectly match our own commitment and brand outlook, making our alliance a natural fit.”
Responded Eason: “I have long been a Zenith fan and I am very pleased to have this opportunity to partner with a brand of this substance. I have no doubt that ‘Into the Second’ and our collaboration will greatly contribute to enhancing an already legendary reputation.”

August 23rd will mark Chan’s first public appearance as brand ambassador to celebrate the Zenith Time Channel and the brand’s latest products. The official campaign will be unveiled on this occasion.