Ode To Pathos

Ode To Pathos

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Sascha Moeri, CEO, Carl F. Bucherer talks about the new avatar of the Pathos Collection in a chat with Mitrajit Bhattacharya

You have added a new collection, Pathos. Do tell us something about it.
Pathos is a women’s timepiece collection that puts the Manufacture’s jewellery- making capabilities on display 매일유업 서체 다운로드. In this collection we have two standard lines, Princess in 25mm case and Queen in 26.55mm case. The Princess watches are the simplest in the collection, displaying only the hours and the minutes. The Queen line adds a bit more functionality by including a seconds hand as well as a date display. In addition to the two standard lines, the Pathos collection also includes two limited-edition timepieces, the Diva Joaillerie and Diva Haute Joaillerie Free Intellij. Both watches are equipped with 18ct-white-gold cases that are almost completely covered in diamonds. The Diva Joaillerie’s basic hours-andminutes display conveys the time simply without distracting from the beautiful dial, which features graceful curves lines created by the interplay of mother-ofpearl inlays, white gold, and diamonds.
The Diva Haute Joaillerie substitutes the round-cut diamonds of its sibling watch with larger, baguette-cut diamonds and replaces the mother-of-pearl inlays—virtually the only spots not covered in diamonds on the Diva Joaillerie—with more baguette diamonds 버스커버스커 봄바람 mp3 다운로드. Only 88 examples of either watch will be created.

Is it automatic?
With the Pathos Diva model, Carl F. Bucherer has created a timepiece that uniquely captures the charisma of femininity in all its elegant radiance 올레클럽 다운로드. Precious materials like rose gold and diamonds combine with a unique design to lend the Pathos Diva a very special aura – and a hint of the divine. We also have a Pathos Queen and a Princess. Pathos Queen is a woven filigree case that embraces a multi-dimensional play of form and colour and a watch, resplendent in its majestic elegance. It’s in a quartz size, the quartz movement 위 디스크 모바일 다운로드.

Can you tell us about your association with actor Lisa Haydon and photographer Atul Kasbekar?
I am happy to have actor Lisa Haydon and photographer Atul Kasbekar, as brand ambassadors. The brand has been associated with Atul for several years and now we have allied with Lisa. She is a very knowledgeable celeb. We’ve seen that when you question a celebrity about a watch, all they say is, “Oh 구글 위성사진 다운로드! It’s a beautiful watch.” But when you ask Lisa about a particular timepiece she will give every detail. She has visited many manufacturers, has seen workshops and therefore she understands the details of the watches. Her knowledge about timepieces is quite impressive.

The general perception is that Lisa’s luck quotient has gone up after she joined Carl F 아틀란티카 다운로드. Bucherer, what with her movie Queen becoming a super hit, after which you showcased a fabulous collection at the BaselWorld 2014.
For example, we have an ambassador from Switzerland who received opportunities to act in movies with Keanu Reeves, James Hong, Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez after being linked with us. Sometimes it is just a good karma which leads people to success. Recently we experienced another incident. After signing Lisa as a brand ambassador her movie Queen has made a big success in India 세인트세이야 만화책 다운로드. It’s all about coincidences.

What are your plans this year?
We have three main focusses this year. Focus number one is the ScubaTec. It’s a Patravi diving watch. It is a lovely timepiece. It comes in a typical sporty look of Patravi collection, 500m diving depth with a very nice helium valve, great size, 44.5mm, and a beautiful ceramic bezel which is quite unique 김비서가 왜그럴까 9화 다운로드. Next is the Manero Tourbillon. We launched 188 pieces of this model on a global scale. The last one is the Pathos, which is a completely new family. However, the Pathos was already launched in the 60s, 70s and in the year 2000. It is like bringing back something that already existed. However, the watch looks completely different; it is a unique timepiece which you cannot compare with something else in the market 던전앤파이터 혼 다운로드.