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Gold headbands, diamond clips or embellished pins, pick your favourite hair accessory and get your crowning glory a tinge of sparkle this season, says Surekha Kadapa Bose

The mantra of looking good is to dress well from top to toe abbyy 다운로드. So when you take extra care to step out with a Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Fendi or some other top brand adorning your toes, why not some equally pricey accessories from famous brands for the top, your hair 성경전서 다운로드?

Elegant hair pin embellished with colourful stones by Mirari Jewels

Take your pick from an Anna Khouri hand-crafted gold clip, Miu crystal and pearl hair band, Tara’s white diamond and ruby hair clips, Mirari’s gold and diamond hair clip or some other designer accessory and make your hair sparkle 마우스크래프트 다운로드.

For ages, we have depended on flowersto add that extra zing to our look. That is true of the world, not just India. If natural flowers were not available, one simplyopted for artificial flowers of plastic, fabric etc star-ccm+ 다운로드. Now, high-profile designers are replacing flowers with precious metals and gems.

Anna Khouri’s hand-beaten 18ct gold hair clip costs $27,771 (17,04,000) while Dolce and Gabban’s embellished headband costs $2054 (1,26,000) In-effect with God. At home, Mirari diamond hair clips by Tara Jewellers, or maang tikka by Alpana Gujral costs upward of 5,00,000 제럴드의 게임 다운로드.

Hair pins from Tara Jewellers

Says Delhi-based jewellery designer Annu Chadha of Jewels by Annu Chadha: “These are limited editions or collector’s items 에버노트 맥용 다운로드. In the west, hair accessoriesare a big trend. Though left loose, hair is adorned with tiny clips, hair bands or even a small tiara to increase the glam quotient Sicario Salda. In India it is catching up, especially with young girls. They are willing to experiment with their looks and accessories.”

The traditional maang tikka—the long piece worn on the central hair partition by most married women in north India— has now got pan-India recognition thanks to TV serials and Hindi films Gangster free download. From a traditional and religious ornament, it has become a fashion statement for all young brides. Maang tikkascome in simple gold or may be studded with diamonds, polki style Picky mp3.